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Monday, 11 February 2013

Rare HD Wallpapers Of Jamshedpur Jharkhand India

Rare HD Wallpapers  Of 
Jamshedpur Jharkhand India

I Was The Captain Of "Team Evolution" And My Team Played Countless Hours Of Hardcore Cricket On This Ground.
Once We Also Organized Cricket Tournament On This Ground.
I Have Many Memories Of This Ground.
Few Names Of "Team Evolution" Members
Evewin Christon Lakra (Captain)
Sachin (Vice-Captain)
Vicky A.K.A. (Coach)
Sonu/Vineet Savio Boyle

"Team Evolution" Won Two Times "Akshar Education" Cricket Championship (Played On Bal-Vihar Ground Sonari)

Note (This Ground Is Actually Owned By Tisco)

Google Map Of Team-Evolution Ground Jamshedpur

Friday, 8 February 2013

Please Vote For My Pic

How To Vote My Pic
These Are The Steps To Vote My Pic

Sony VAIO Duo
‘Work & Play’
App Link

Step 1.
Click On "Gallery" Tab
Step 2.
Now Choose Category
"Creative Guru"

(You Have To Choose Both The Above Stated Category Before Clicking "Go")

After Choosing Category Press "Go"

Step 3.
Now Press Ctrl+F And Type
Evewin Lakra
(To Search For My Entry)
 Step 4.
Click My Pic
Which Will Open Up My Entry
Step 5.
Finally Click
"Vote Up"
To Vote For My Pic.

I'll Be Very Thankyou To You All If You Vote For My Pic.

"The End"

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sony Handycam TRV 285E Unusual Problem

How To Fix Unusual Problem Of
Sony DCR TRV 285E

My Handycam
(Sony DCR TRV 285E)
Encountered This Unusual Problem And
I Want To Know If Its Possible To Fix This Problem?

The Playing Is Not Working
I Mean The Handycam
(Sony DCR TRV 285E)
is not playing any TAPE
(All The Recorded TAPES are good.)

Its able to Record but its not Playing the recorded TAPE.

When I Go To The Playing Mode
(Tape Timing No.s)
I Mean The Minutes And Seconds Just Display -- -- --

And I Can Only See The Blue Screen On The LCD.
The Head and Other Internal Parts Are Functioning Normal But Its Not Showing The Video Which Is There In The Tape.

Now If I Rewind/forward The Tape
Or Just Push The Play Button
The Digits In The Top Left Corners
Change Into ----
And It Won't Play.

The Tape Keeps On Rolling But No Video Is Displayed.
If Anyone Encountered
This Problem In The Past
It'll Be A Great Help For Me
If You Share Your Experience
About Fixing This
Unusual Problem Of
Sony Handycam
(Sony DCR TRV 285E)