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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet Review

Whats up good people, so today is Sunday 17th April 2016 & I'm back with another Product Review Blog Post.

This time I'll be reviewing about a product which is very closely related to BIKES.

Product Name:
Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet.

Introduction to FZ-Series Helmet :
Yamaha motor india in collaboration with Steelbird introduced a new range of "Helmets" to suit the over-all design & look of its reliable line of bikes (FZS-Fi Version 2.0

To make things more interesting Yamaha & Steelbird has put a lot of effort in graphics design department of FZ-Series Helmets & have gained many thumbs-up from pro-bikers all over India because of the cool design of these helmets.

These Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet is a must buy for people, specially for bikers who like to match their BIKES with their Helmet.

Always buy ISI Mark helmet.

For me its really a good helmet coz for just Rs.1320 INR.(Indian Rupee)
you are getting a quality ISI (Indian Standard Institute) Mark Helmet.
which not focuses on good looks but also ensures optimum safety though the weight of this helmet is very less compared to any other helmets I've used before. (Wrangler, etc) 

Today only I've shot a small Review video about Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet & just now I've uploaded that video to my Youtube Channel If you want, you can check my "Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet review" video to know more about this product. 

Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet Specification

ISI Mark Helmet:

Design: Registration No:


XL 600MM.

Rs.1320 INR (As of 14th April 2016)

What I like about this helmet:

(Though its STICKER (Not PAINT)
but the Graphics in this Heltmet
Looks very cool)

(The Helmet weight is very less)

Simple to wear & open
(Simple Locking-Strap)

(Price-wise its a Good Deal)

Though its written in the description of this helmet that the
Plastic-Visor is "Scratch-Resistance" but in REALITY, its NOT, the Plastic-VISOR gets "Scratched" very easily. 

Final Verdict:
Thumbs-UP to "Yamaha & Steelbird" for making this FZ Series Helmet which definitely suits the FZ-Bikes "Specially The Newer FZS Fi Version 2.0 Series Bikes.

So What do you guys think ?
Do Helmet Really Save Lives on INDIAN-ROADS ? :)

I'll tell you the ANSWER in my future video.

I'll be reviewing one more helmet (Modular Helmet) which is produced by the same brand "Yamaha-Steelbird" but its little bit COSTLY helmet. currently its Packed in its ORIGINAL BOX.
Don't worry I'll opening it very soon & tell you all how that
(Modular Helmet) performs in comparison with this simple helmet.

Peace & Enjoy your sunday.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Hero-Honda CD-Dawn Clutch-Plate Replacement By Evewin Lakra.

Step 1.
REMOVE The Engine OIL.

Step 2. 
Open The Clutch Compartment

Step 3.

Remove The Old (Bad Clutch)

Step 4. 
Install the (New-Clutch)

What's Up Good People ?
Its been very Hot climate here in my place,Praying for the rainfall to strike & calm the Temperature little bit.

So for time being, Lets Start Blogging.

Today I'll be writing about my Hero-Honda CD-Dawn Motorcycle Clutch-Plate Replacement.
Actually My 100cc CD-Dawn Motorcycle is around 9 Years Old.
My mom Got it in the year 2006 & as of now (14th April 2016)
(It Covered Around 35000 Kilometer)

In the month of January 2016 I was experiencing
"Slipping Clutch", "Occasional Gear-Shifting Problem" (Sometime Bike "Kick" started to Slip while Starting the bike for the 1st time)
& "very Low Pick-up" in my very old CD-Dawn Motorcycle, so I knew it was the "CLUTCH" that is responsible for such problems in my bike.
While coming from the market place I saw HERO-Honda authorized Service-Camp-Stall near the Sonari (Jamshedpur) Post-Office Area.
I asked one mechanic over there about my bike problem & he also suggested to change the "CLUTCH" as its the only "SOLUTION" for my bike problem, I asked him about the approx-COST of "HERO-HONDA A.K.A. Hero Moto Corp CD-Dawn "Clutch-Plate" Replacement"
he said its around Rs.1000 (Including Labor Charge)

I went home & thought should I change the "CLUTCH-Plate" from the authorized Hero-Honda Service Center or should I change the "Clutch" from OUTSIDE (Local-Mechanic) whom I know.
I decided, if the Local-Mechanic Charge for changing the clutch is Rs.500+ then I'll be changing the Clutch from the Hero-Honda Authorized Service Center (which is located near circuit-house area) Sonari Jamshedpur & if his charge is below Rs.500 (Including The Price of CD-Dawn New "CLUTCH" + Labour Charge) then I'll be changing the "Clutch" from the (Local-Mechanic).
My Local-mechanic told me he have Two-Brands of "CLUTCH" for my "CD-Dawn" bike.
"CLUTCH-Plate" No.1

"CLUTCH-Plate" No.2.
Hero-Honda authorized Clutch-Plate (which the authorized Service Center uses)

out of these two, He said the price of Bosch-Brand "Clutch-Plate" is little bit less compared to the price of "CLUTCH-Plate" No.2.

But currently he don't have the "CLUTCH-Plate" No.2.
(which the authorized Service Center uses) so I have to come tomorrow if I want to install authorized Service Center "CLUTCH-Plate"

I asked him how the "CLUTCH-Plate" No.1
(Bosch-Brand) performs in terms of Durability & Reliability ?

After taking my bike for a TEST-Run for about 5-10 minutes,
he said the Bosch-Brand "CLUTCH-Plate" is also good, my bike will definitely run much better with the NEW "CLUTCH-Plate" installed as my OLD "CLUTCH-Plate" is completely WORN out & that is why I was not getting POWER & Pick-up in my 100cc trusted bike.

I asked him how much time it will take to change the "CLUTCH-Plate" ?
He said, approx 1:30 hours.

Then I decided to go ahead with the "CLUTCH-Plate" Change.

I called my mom that I'll be late because its a time taking process & the bike right-hand side ("CLUTCH" Compartment") have to be opened completely to changed the bad-clutch with the new one.
the mechanic suggested me If I want I can go home for my lunch, I told him I came to his shop after eating 2-3 Rotis & I'm not hungry :)

then he went ahead & gave the job of changing the "CLUTCH-Plate" of my bike to his "SENIOR" mechanic whose name is "Baiju" (he was wearing Castrol Brand T-Shirt)

that "SENIOR" mechanic "Baiju" started to open the ("CLUTCH" Compartment") & I was talking to him about functions of clutch,
by looking at the Speed of Mr."Baiju" "SENIOR" mechanic, I thought he's little bit SLOW in opening the ("CLUTCH" Compartment") but later on I have to admit I was wrong, he's a type of mechanic who work on bikes Slowly but nicely.
To make the procedure of opening the "CLUTCH" Compartment" easier he even removed the "SILENCER" and "KICK" of my bike, which gave him more room to UN-BOLT the NUTS which held the "CLUTCH" Compartment" Cover.
once the "CLUTCH" Compartment" Cover was opened, I was thrilled to see so much mechanical-Parts over there, from tiny "SPRINGS" to Pale-Dirty Yellowish Looking Old Worn-Out "CLUTCH" Plate + So many Gears type of metal parts, awesome "Engineering" by TEAM-HONDA (30-year of Trust in INDIA) Simple for mechanics to fix.

He removed the OLD-"CLUTCH" but before putting the new one,
he have to manually remove the OLD Packing (Gasket) the seal which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects.

from the "CLUTCH" Compartment" cover,he was doing his job very Slowly, so I decided to Speed up the Clutch-Changing process
I was also helping him, while removing the OLD Packing (Gasket) with my own BLADE I cut my finger, then I agreed he was not SLOW but he was doing his job with caution & safety, thankfully I always carry a band-aid with me ( I applied the band-aid to my bleeding finger) and I continue to remove the OLD Packing (Gasket) but this time I'm Slow and cautious and finally OLD Packing (Gasket) is removed and then he installed the new Packing (Gasket) + New Bosch-Brand "CLUTCH-Plate" in my CD-Dawn bike.
Bolted back the "CLUTCH" Compartment Cover, re-filled the Engine with the engine-oil (which he removed before opening the "CLUTCH" Compartment)
then bolted back the "SILENCER" and KICK & my bike was ready to be TESTED with the NEW CLUTCH.
After replacement of the "CLUTCH" it took 2-3 kicks to start my bike & then its time for me to TEST-Ride it.
the moment I Changed the Gear from "Neutral" to "Gear-one" & was releasing the "CLUTCH" to move ahead, I was feeling like I'm sitting in a NEW-HORSE right now, its like my 100cc bike has been transformed into a 150cc bike, MAGIC :)
yes its the MAGIC of my new (Bosch-Brand) Clutch Plate.
(Don't worry you can trust "Evewin Lakra" as I don't promote Brands whose Product are bad)
Kudos to my new Bosch-Clutch Plate & thankyou Sir. Robert Bosch
(A German industrialist, engineer and inventor, founder of Robert Bosch GmbH)

by the way I forgot to tell you the TOTAL-Cost of my CD-Dawn Clutch-Plate Replacement by my "Local-Mechanic" with new Bosch Brand Clutch Plate turned out to be approx Rs.500 (Including new Gasket + Labor Charge) & I'm happy with my Bike performance.

My next CD-Dawn bike maintenance will be:
"Engine Oil Change"

I'll be putting (Castrol-Power-1) on my bike as currently its been using authorized Hero-Honda-4-Stroke engine oil, once I've used (Castrol-Power-1) many years back on my CD-Dawn bike & it was an awesome choice because it made my bike much smoother & more fun to ride, the drawback of (Castrol-Power-1) its EXPENSIVE engine oil but last time It lasted for more than a Year.


Hope You've enjoyed reading my CD-Dawn Clutch-Plate Replacement blog Post.
If you want you can check my youtube video about my CD-Dawn Clutch-Plate Replacement (which I've uploaded to my youtube channel 30 days back)
Peace & Love to all.


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Solved Puzzles.

Good Afternoon, good people, today is sunday 10th April 2016, so I thought to write-up a blog-post relating to Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Again ?

Hey Evewin We've already read your Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) post which you've Posted long time back (on Date:26th OCTOBER 2015) so why you're again Posting about the same "SUBJECT" ? 

For all those who have not yet read that Blog-Post I request you all to read it:
Here's the Link

The Best Android Game of All Time. Peg solitaire, Brainvita
 Posted on Date:
26th OCTOBER 2015.

In that blog-post I've Promised my readers that one day I'll Post the Solutions to the "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Games" which was left "UN-SOLVED" by the creator of that Peg-solitaire android version game "Specially LEVEL-12 Games", which I've solved by investing a lot of time & effort.
& now the day has come for me to Post my Solutions on:
My Blog:
My Youtube channel:

 so that everyone who love this wonderful game will be happy.

"After all I belong to the same city where Mr.Ratan-Tata
(Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons)
has a Strong business connection"
i.e. "Jamshedpur" (Jharkhand)

& as his inspiring statement goes (During the launch of the world's cheapest car ( Tata NANO ) in the year "2008")

"A Promise is a Promise"
~Ratan Tata

So I've to keep my Promise to provide "SOLUTIONS" to the "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Games" to my readers

NOTE:Let me inform you all that the Solutions I'll be posting here is not COPIED or work of any other people, its my own (Evewin Lakra) hard-work & efforts, You won't find the "SOLUTIONS" to these "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Game" Puzzles anywhere else on the Internet.
I'm sure about this because I've already checked it & have not found the solutions to these Super-Tough Puzzles.

What I hope from my Blog-Readers.
Readers of this blog should:
My Youtube channel: 
so that it'll help me to make more videos for you all.

I'll be posting the "SOLVED-PUZZLES of these Super-Tough Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Game" in PARTS:

Because there are many "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Games" which I've SOLVED (may be 150+) so its not possible for me to make/create the "SOLUTIONS" videos & upload it to my youtube channel so quickly.

But Slowly-Slowly I'll be posting all the "Solutions" by "UPDATING" this BLOG-Post on Regular Intervals.

So don't forget to Visit this BLOG-Post again & again to find out the UPDATED Puzzle Solutions of the "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Games"

I would Like to thank my MOM (Mrs.Pushpa Lakra) & my sister who have helped me to solve few toughest puzzles in which I got STUCK.
In my entire "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Games" SOLUTIONS videos:
They've also SOLVED (Like 10-20) Puzzles out of 150+

That being said.....You can now Call:
"Evewin Christon Lakra" as The KING of Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita)

After Watching my Solutions The court of Louis XIV Claude Auguste Berey of Anne de Rohan-Chabot, "Princess of Soubise" (Would be Proud of "Evewin Lakra")

Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Game Solved By Evewin Lakra PART-1.
(Contains 20 Solved Puzzles by Evewin Lakra)

Puzzles Solved Videos Included in PART-1:

Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Game-1 Solved
Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Game-20 Solved.

Toughest Peg-Solitaire Game
Solved By Evewin on Nexus 4
(Solved On:4th Oct 2015)


Toughest Peg-Solitaire Game
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Toughest Peg-Solitaire Game
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2nd Puzzle Solved on Same Day.

Toughest Peg-Solitaire Game
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(Solved On:5th Feb 2015)


Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Last Supper, Good Friday & Easter Free Exclusive Wallpapers By Evewin Lakra.

Whats up good people.......I'm back again with a new blog post, this time I'll be writing about The Last Supper, Good Friday & Easter.

So lets begin.

For the basic Intro-Information I'll be quoting WikiPedia & later on You'll find my clicked & edited Pics about The Last Supper, Good Friday & Easter.

The Last Supper:
The Last Supper is a late 15th-century mural painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan. It is one of the world's most famous paintings.
The painting represents the scene of The Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples, as it is told in the Gospel of John, 13:21. Leonardo has depicted the consternation that occurred among the Twelve Disciples when Jesus announced that one of them would betray him.

Good Friday:
Good Friday is a Christian religious holiday
commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
and his death at Calvary.

Easter, also called Pascha,or Resurrection Sunday,
is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ
from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by Romans
at Calvary c. 30 AD.
It is the culmination of the Passion of Christ, preceded by Lent
(or Great Lent),
a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance.

Hey "Evewin" enough copying Wikipedia.......Write your version ?
Alright, This year (2016) we celebrated "Good Friday" on 25th March 2016 & Easter on Sunday 27th March 2016.

As a Christian, "Easter" Holds A  Great Significance For Its The Resurrection Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  When I Was A Little Child I Still Remember The Holy Excitement For It Is The Victorious Triumph Of KING JESUS , Breaking The Chains Of DEATH For Ever !
Especially the time when we had to wake up in the middle of the night to Go To The Cemetery To Light Candles And Lay Flowers On The Graves Of The Of The Loved Ones Departed, I Still Feels The Same Excitement On The Dawn Of The Resurrection Sunday !
I Remember Encountering A Stunning White-Owl In The Middle Of The Road Near Bal-Vihar (Carmel Junior College) Area Jamshedpur,While We Were Going To The Cemetery For Easter Celebration.

but this year though the owl was not there but still the excitement to celebrate this wonderful festival remained the same.

before Easter, we celebrate "Good Friday"

Many people ask "Why You Christians Call it "Good Friday" even though "Jusus Christ" was "CRUCIFIED" & died on "Good Friday" ?

The Answer is:
According to "Reverend.Nelson Kandulna" of G.E.L
(Gossner Evangelical Lutheran) Chruch (Sonari,Jamshepdur)

 Points To Note:
1. Jesus Christ betrayed by Judas.
2. Sentenced to death by Pontius Pilate.
3. Was crucified.

Jesus Christ suffered one of the most gruelling and painful forms of capital punishment ever devised by man.

But then also we Christians Call it "Good Friday" Why ?

He later explains that it was the Plan of our HOLY "GOD"
To sacrifice his own "SON" for the Victory of Mankind from the hands of EVIL.

John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

The Plan of GOD to save "Mankind" was fulfilled on "Good Friday" by the torturous death of Jesus on the cross he saved "MANKIND" from the hands of the "Evil-SATAN"

Good Friday is good because it led to the "Resurrection" of
Christ Jesus on Easter Sunday, which brought "NEW-LIFE" to those who believe.

& for this reason this amazing act of "GOD's WILL" is called
"Good Friday" & not "Bad-Friday" or "Sad-Friday" because Christians know & believes Christ Jesus was "Resurrected" (Restored from the dead)
i.e. Jesus was Resurrected on the Third day.
& for this reason the "SUNDAY" following "Good Friday" is celebrated as "EASTER" which confirms the Resurrection of "Jesus Christ" the ONE & ONLY True "Messiah" always keep in mind "

"1 Corinthians 15:4"
that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures,

Once I watched "Jefferson Bethke" youtube video:
Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus - Jefferson Bethke

It was so Inspirational, I would like to request my every reader to watch that video, its really good.

The Line:
"Religion say "Do" but "Jesus" Said Its "DONE"
says it all.

We Are Celebrating EasterTide : 50 Days Of Joyful Celebration !
Begins On The Resurrection Sunday (27th March 2016 )
Ends On Pentecost Sunday, May 15 2016

 I Truly Believe The Whole Creation Is Resurrected As The "WORD" (JESUS) Through Which The Whole Creation Is Resurrected With HIS Glorious Victory Over The Death  ! The Creation Break The Chains Of Deadly Lifeless Winter And We Smoothly Sail Into The Soothing Life-Giving SpringTime !

" Our Lord has written the Promise of the Resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time. "  ~Martin Luther
I Believe In The Promise Of Resurrection For All The Promises Of God Is "YES " And " AMEN " In Christ Jesus ( 2 Corinthians 1:20)
"The Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you" ~  Romans 8:11 

"The story of Easter is the story of God's wonderful window of divine surprise. "   ~Carl Knudsen

so for all those who Believe in "Jesus Christ" the admin of this blog "Evewin Lakra" like to wish you all a very Happy-Easter &
Don't forget to watch my Video:
The Last Supper, Good Friday & Easter By Evewin Lakra
which I've made for this special occasion.

Plus I'm also posting the Pics which I've shot during Easter 2016 to show how we've celebrated Easter in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand India.

Thankyou for reading.

Love & Peace to All.