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Monday, 26 October 2015

Peg solitaire, Brainvita (The Best Android Game of All Time.)

26th OCTOBER 2015.

Peg solitaire, Brainvita

Peg solitaire is a traditional board game played with pegs or marbles.

Peg solitaire (or Solo Noble) is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes. Some sets use marbles in a board with indentations. The game is known simply as Solitaire in the United Kingdom where the card games are called Patience. It is also referred to as Brain-vita (especially in India).

The first evidence of the game can be traced back to the court of Louis XIV, and the specific date of 1687, with an engraving made that year by Claude Auguste Berey of Anne de Rohan-Chabot, Princess of Soubise, with the puzzle by her side. The August, 1687 edition of the French literary magazine Mercure galant contains a description of the board, rules and sample problems. This is the first known reference to the game in print.
Introduction  info Source:wikipedia.

In this blog post I'm going to write about "Peg solitaire" which is truly one of the best and very addictive game you can play.

Its such an old game but still you can never get bored by playing this wonderful game, I still remember when I was a little child, I got one set of "Brain-vita" A.K.A. "Peg solitaire" as my "Birthday Present"
that "Peg solitaire" board was made of good quality "PLASTIC" & contained Glass "Marbles" (Kancha) (In Hindi)

So what do you think, "Peg solitaire" game is only made for children's ?

Nope, its absolutely "False" Statement.
"Peg solitaire" can be played any age-group people.

The best part about "Peg solitaire"
It "Exercises" your "Brain" & keeps your mind in Good,Sharp-condition.

Which later helps you to take important decisions faster and quicker in other aspects of your Life.

For Me "Peg solitaire" became a Hobie because that's the only game I Play the most, on my so called "smart-phone" known as "Nexus 4"

I've downloaded the "Free Version" of this wonderful game from the official android store.
there are many versions of this game listed over there but what I've downloaded is the best version of "Peg solitaire" because it contains very large collections of "Game set" which are categorized based on L.E.V.E.L.S.
From "Level 1" (Being the Easiest) To "Level 12" (Being the Hardest) of them all.

But don't get fooled by this categorization because on many occasions,
you may end up being stuck at "Level 5" Or even at "Level 3" or any
"Low Levels puzzles" and that's the reason, even the Creator of this android version Game of "Peg solitaire" have left many "Peg solitaire" Puzzles "Unsolved" because some of this "Game" takes very much time to get Solved (say 1-2 days) & other can be solved in 1-2 Minutes.
Keep in mind its not a Joke, you can try it yourself.

The best part about me (Evewin Christon Lakra) playing "Peg solitaire" on my android phone is, I've almost SOLVED most of the "Un-Solved" TOUGHEST Puzzles of this game and I'm really happy to tell you all that one day I'll be Publishing my Solved Stages of "Peg solitaire" on my Youtube channel
 Its a game which is so addicted that even my mom like to play and solve the mystry stages of "Peg solitaire"
There were many time when I & my sister were unable to solve a particular tough stage of "Peg solitaire" puzzle but somehow my mom managed to solve it :)
on the other side on many occasions my mom was not able to solve few simple ones :) but I must admit she's now a pro in playing this game on my phone and believe it or not it keeps her very happy.

These are the few screenshots of Low-Level tough stages of "Peg solitaire"

I've invested so much time in this game that I'm starting to think
I'm the "Princess of Soubise" of this era :)

Another good point of this android version of "Peg solitaire" is,
it hardly requires any high end smartphone to be played in.
there is no-high intensive gfx (Graphics) so your phone won't heat up quickly and you can play this game for hours.
Like to give the creator of this game a big "THUMBS-Up" for making this version simple yet very interesting to navigate, the UI & the options given in the game won't put any stress on your mind while you'll be busy solving the stages of "Peg solitaire"
As I've mentioned already many puzzles that are TOUGH remained "UN-Solved"
The game developer wants you to Solve it yourself, trust me once you get your hands in this game you'll be dying to Solve mainly the "UN-Solved" Puzzles.

The Puzzles are Sub-Categorirised LIKE:
A B C D E F G H I J...and so on

Based on Shape of the Puzzle its "SET" to a particular categories.
Eg. "Peg solitaire" in "A" Categories have only the Puzzles that are Square in SHAPE on the other hand Puzzles in "G" or "I" categories have triangular Puzzles or other Shapes puzzles.
for me "LEVEL 12" Hexagon & triangular puzzles are the TOUGHEST to Solve.

few of the puzzles were so tough that it took 3-4 days to get SOLVED.
(2-4 hours daily for 3-4 days)

Other Shapes "Peg solitaire" Puzzles you'll find in this game are:
Equilateral Triangle:


No matter what shape and size they are, your main goal is to leave only "ONE Peg" on the board when the game ends and you win.

Lastly I like to thank "Peg solitaire" for making my Mind SHARP and Creative.

Next time if I have to write a Post related to a game,I'll be writing on how I've Completed "Mario" on my Nexus 4.

Hope You've enjoyed reading and I do hope you'll be downloading the
"Peg solitaire" game on your ANDROID Devices to Experience the excitement of solving the UN-Solved Mysterious Puzzles.

Peace to all and Enjoy your day.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Jamshedpur Lost Its IDLY-DOSA Standards

Date:21st October 2015.

Good Afternoon Good People....Today I'll be writing about the  "Deteriorating" Conditons of the Quality Of "South-Indian" dishes Sold in "Jamshedpur" (JHARKHAND) INDIA.
Even by the "Big" & well known "Small Hotels"

Before I start let me clear one thing 1st.

Most people in Jamshedpur Prefer to eat "South-Indian" dishes (IDLY-DOSA) as their BREAKFast, Lunch, Evening Snack, Dinner, etc :)

In other words IDLY-DOSA is the "Staple Food" of people living in Jamshedpur.

So How Come The "Staple Food" of Jamshedpur, Lost all its "Glory" Even Though the Current Government tells its people that they have brought "Aache Din" (Good Days) to most of the Poeple living in India.

To answer this, I've to dig deep inside whats happening but before I do that I've tell you all my Experiance in Eating "South-Indian" Food.

I'm a die hard fan of "Chinese + South Indian" (IDLY-DOSA) foods.
I've the experience of eating at "South Indian" food in many hotels & restaurants of our city.

From my Childhood day I love eating IDLY-DOSAS.

 I still remember the time when "Thela Wala Dosa"
(Small Mobile South-Indian Food Stalls) used to Cost:
Sada/Plain Dosa Rs. 4
Masala Dosa Rs.5

Our School Idly Used To Cost: Rs.0.50 Paisa Per Piece.
& During that time South-Indian Hotels of our city used to Charge:
Sada/Plain Dosa Rs.15
Masala Dosa Rs.20

To Make these Stats Look More Interesting I'll tell you during my Mom's Childhood days,Idly Used To Cost:Rs.1 For "10 Piece"
i.e. (10 paise for 1 IDLY) Amazing & that too of Good Quality Fresh IDLY & Chutney.

 The Major Names of "Thela Wala Dosa" that time were:
Aanand Rao Dosa (Sonari Area)
Uttam Dosa (KagalNagar Bus Stand)
Ravi Dosa (Sonari Area)
Santosh Sosa:
Jaichand Dosa (Loyola School)
Chotu Dosa (Loyola School)

(Jubilee Park Gate,Towards Sakchi Route)
T.S. Mani Dosa (Kadma Area)
Aana Dosa (Kadma-Sonari "LINK-Road" Area)

"I still remember the line which Mr.aana used to say to his helper, "aa "RAJA" Bacha ko thoda sambarr de de" :) (Give little Sambarr to the little kid)
 TMH (Tata Main Hospital) Canteen

(Near Bistupur Area)

In bistupur area there were two "Thela Wala Dosas" I don't actually remember their names right now but they were located beside
"Chappan Bhog" Sweets Hotel.

In other words this city is full of "South Indian" Stalls.

The major South indian Hotels were located in Bistupur Area: 

South Indian Restaurant
Address: Opposite Mid Town Near Midtown Hotel, J Rd, Bistupur, Bistupur, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831001
Phone:0657 320 4105.

The Madrasi Hotel:
South Indian Restaurant
Address: 10 J, bistupur Rd, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831001

7, J Road, Bistupur, Jamshedpur - 831001, Near Nataraj
+(91)-657-2249058 2909530
+(91)-9431322580 9431322235
South Indian Restaurant.

Jalaram (Now Closed)
(This hotel was Located Beside "ANAND RESTAURANT"
J Road, Bistupur, Jamshedpur - 831001, Near Nataraj.

All These 4 Hotels I've Mentioned Were Located next to/Opposite one another and to be honest.

Most "High Class" People Preferred:

Most "Middle-Class" People Preferred:
"Aashirwad" or The Madrasi Hotel or
Jalaram (Now Closed)

So What I Preferred ?
"Aashirwad" of course :)

but some time my father used to take us to a place called
"Madrasi Sammilani Canteen" Bistupur Jamshedpur.
"L Rd", Bistupur, Jamshedpur - 831001
+(91)-657-2432134 6457269
South Indian Canteen
Banquet Halls, Auditoriums
09:30 am to 06:30 pm.
It was also good.

But Keep in mind what I'm about to tell you can make you little bit "SAD" if you're a die-hard "DOSA" fan like ME & like to eat in any one of these Hotels (Aashirwad,Madrasi Hotel,ANAND RESTAURANT) or even in
"Madrasi Sammilani Canteen" They have ALL LOST THEIR "QUALITY STANDARDS"


HEY "Evewin Christon Lakra" main moto has always been to make innocent customers aware of any bad things. 

So here I'm again making customers aware of what these Hotels are doing.

Out of the above mentioned Hotels most of them are serving "Basi" "Stale"
Food to its customers.

I'm not Mentioning "ANAND RESTAURANT" in my "Stale food" List coz I hardly Visit that Hotel.

So "Stale food" Serving Hotel are:
2.The Madrasi Hotel:
3."Madrasi Sammilani Canteen" 

Why & on What Basis I'm saying they're serving "Stale-Food" to Customers ?
Now a days on many occasions I've encounter this myself & believe me they're thinking "WE" customers are "Fools" We'll not be able to tell what food is fresh and what is stale & what they're serving is not FRESH I can Guarantee You All About this.

What they're doing is:
They are mixing "Left Over" Chutneys of Yesterday,
with the fresh Chutneys of today to decrease the "Stale Smell" as to fool customer in thinking the Chutneys which they're serving with idly-dosas are FRESH but in reality,its not, they're just clearing their left-over food.

Did Anyone Notice:
On Many Occasions the Dosa Tastes "Too Sour" than normal, its also because they're using the "Left-Over Batter" which has been fermented for "LONGER TIME" than needed and hence the DOSA You Order was "Too Sour"

50% Percent of the Solution is in the hand of the HOTEL-Owner and the people working over there coz what they're doing is "WRONG"

Sooner or Later they'll loose their Customers
(Including OLD Very Old Customers) if they'll not Improve the Quality of food Served. 

Just Think Now A Days (As Of October 2015) The "Current Average Price" of Simple
"Masala Dosa" is Rs.60 and the customer are "Ready" to pay that amount because he/she thinks they'll get the "Same Quality" Food which they used to get in the same hotel few years back but in "REALITY" They're wrong.

These Hotels Are Charging "High Price" For "LOW GRADE" Stale Food.

Its like you've paying a "Hotel Price" & not even getting the Thela Quality Food.

This is truly bad business Practice which is being followed by these type of hotels in Jamshedpur At the Moment. 

The Best Option for people is to work little harder and search for hotels which serve "Fresh Food" other wise Prepare IDLY-DOSAS at your HOME.
Yes Its Time Consuming & lengthy process but in the End You'll not end up EATING Stale Food.

You can Watch my Dosa making video if You have time.
Don't Know You'll like it or not but it tastes far far better than the one which is being served by these Hotels in Jamshedpur.

Thankyou for Stopping by & reading my blog Post.
Do Share this Blog Post With Your Friends & Family (Specially Who live in Jamshedpur) so that they cannot be "CHEATED" by these Hotels.

This is "Evewin Christon Lakra" Signing Off at the Moment But I'll be back again with Many more interesting Blog-Posts in the coming future to
Help & Protect Innocent Customers from these type of Cheaters.
DATE:4th November 2015.

I think somebody read this blog post & informed "Madrasi Hotel" about the quality of Dosa and they've improved the quality of the food served and it was fresh & the size of the Dosa was also big.....Hope other hotels follows this path to get their customers back.

Good Day & Peace To All.

Friday, 9 October 2015

My Kolkata / Calcutta Trip.

Hey Friends after such a long time I'm Posting a New Post on my Blog....Sorry For that, was busy :)

So Today I'll tell you about my 2015 Tata/Jamshedpur-Kolkata Trip.

So Lets Start.

Reached The TataNagar (Jamshedpur)
Railway Station.
Just About To Board The Train.
(Tata-Howrah Steel Express)
Image Shot On: 7th May 2015

Distance from:
Jamshedpur to kolkata
From Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
To Kolkata, West Bengal
5 h 28 min (282.6 km)
via NH 33 and NH6

Reached Kolkata On Time,bought Veg Patties,Then Waited in "TAXI-LINE" for around "30 minutes" (Really Hate The TAXI-LINE) Of Kolkata :)
Got my Turn to buy Taxi Tickets,when I showed him the address of the Hotel, where I want to go, He said, the address is not COMPLETE so I've call the HOTEL again to find out the Correct Address Where its LOCATED in Kolkata. The Hotel Representative Explained the Correct address and We Got to our taxi and Reached our Hotel safely but it was the time of IPL (Cricket) Season & the Streets of Kolkata were over-crowded.

The Name of the Hotel Where We Stayed is "Hotel Esteem"

This is the Hotel address:
6A, Sushil Sen Road (Nandan Road) , Bhawanipore, Kolkata - 700025
(Opposite: Ganja Park.
Land Mark: Behind Homeland Mall & Near to Kolkata Police Hospital)
Tel: 033 2454 6687/8
Mobile: 9163023701/2
Email :

The Hotel was nice and the best of part of "Hotel Esteem" was it was near The Victoria Memorial.
(My Main MOTO to visit Kolkata this time was to Visit "Victoria Memorial" )
Its not that I've not seen Victoria Memorial before. :)

But sometimes when your heart says to goto a particular place,

you have to go.

We walked from our hotel to "Victoria Memorial" and after reaching there felt so GOOD.

Welcomes us as we Enter this great "Marble Building" Really Amazing.

By the way I still Prefer to call "Kolkata" as "Calcutta"
Because I Like "Original Things" Not The Modified Versions.

We Walked in "Victoria Memorial"  for some time and while walking I was eating something (Oh.....yes I remember......Fruit Salad) its common in kolkata, you'll find "Fruit Salad" stalls in many busy streets.

One Crow came near me & he started "Crowing"
"Crow Crow Crow"

I knew he wanted my "Fruit Salad", gave it to him & then many Crows gathered over there to enjoy the PARTY.

we continued our walk to enjoy the amazing Beauty of "Victoria Memorial"

after clicking few SNAPS & taking some video shots, it was getting dark so I've decided to go back to the Hotel but before going back I thought
Lets eat "Pani Puri" (Golgappa), ate it near "Victoria Memorial" & to be honest it was "Not TASTY" :) 

Will Update The Blog Post After Sometime......~~~~~~~ :) 

Again Sorry for leaving the Blog Post Incomplete.
So lets Continue......

Where were we ?
Yes the Golgappa was Not Tasty.

Then we started walking back to our Hotel & while walking I saw a "Thela" (HINDI) Shop which had so many items....from Plastic Products to House Hold Grocery Items it has everything from Tooth-Paste to Hair Oil,
From Mineral Water to Snacks, You ask & its available in his Small Shop.
I like it very much.
My mom bought new pair of Slippers, while coming back to the hotel.

Reached our Hotel at around 7:00 P.M.
(We all became tired) Ordered some Tea & for our Dinner we had Egg Cury With some Plain Rotis (Fresh Indain Bread)

The Food was nice and we enjoyed our dinner.
Day 1 ENDED.

On the next day, we had a wonderful Breakfast at the hotel itself coz our Hotel Tarrif included (Complimentary Breakfast) we got the opportunity to order either
Indian Breakfast or American Breakfast.

Coz we were 3 Person, we Ordered 1 Indian Breakfast & 2 American Breakfast.
Indian Breakfast included Puris and Cholas,etc
& American Breakfast included Bread Butter Bread-Omelette Jam,fruits, etc.

After having our breakfast we decided to pack our bags and get ready to leave the hotel.

it was around 12:00 P.M we left the Hotel and took a taxi near the YOKOHAMA (Tire SHOP) NEAR (BHAWANIPUR RAILWAY POLICE HOSPITAL) To the Railway Station , Coz of the heavy traffic reached the Howrah Railway Station Late but nevermind we had Plenty of time before our Train arrive so we went to the "Food Plaza" at the station Ordered our Lunch but ate it in the A/C Waiting Room and yes the Food of "Food Plaza" was Good.

Our train arrived at the right time.
We boarded the train and while coming back ate plenty of food coz we LIKE TO EAT :)

Reached Tata/Jamshedpur Station On Time.
The Moment We Reached The Tata Station, Felt good but saw few people holding Flags in their hand so we thought some Sports person may have arrived with us in the Same Train but later I found Out that its not the Sports Person but it was
Mr. "Arjun MUNDA" (Former Chief-Minister of Jharkhand) :)
I think now a days He travel in Train after the Helicopter incident.

In the End I Give a THUMBS Up To our Jamshedpur-Kolkata/Calcutta Trip.

Watch the Video If You Don't believe Me.

Enjoy........!!!!!!! :)