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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Funny Pics Buzz From The Net.

Here You'll Find The Photos That May Impress You.

(Credits goes to the respective owners of these pics for sharing their work on Google+)

Take a smile!!!!

Shared by amazing sharing

Blankets and Baby Bats

Shared by viktor skurko

Now I understand why my emails go unanswered!

Shared by Brenda Curtis.



Long night ...
Shared by Daniel Zeevi

clip-art by Olivia Faith Ladene Esenbock
1968 Vespa Scooter transformed into a functional work station. Awesome!

Shared by Chris Cho.

83 year old yoga instructor Bette Calman getting ready to bust a move. Shared by chris cho

(Shared by viktor skurko)

GooGle+ Vs Facebook --
(Shared by Epic Reactions)

I don't see anbody suffering
(Shared by Erfun Kheirandish)

I want my coffee angry.
(Shared by +Brad Chasenore)

If I don't move, you can't see me.
(Shared by joseph lee)

All aboard the snake train...
(Shared by Malaika Ali)

Shared by Chris Cho.

The Right Way of Doing "Disk Partitioning"
(Shared by joseph lee)

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