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Monday, 17 September 2012

Martyna Kubecka and Martin Willow - Riven (Youtube)

Martyna Kubecka and Martin Willow - Riven

I request all the people visiting my blog to check out this cool soundtrack & do share this wonderful song to all your friends.

Please Read.

Riven', performed by Martyna Kubecka, is the first one out of the 150 songs of Martin Willow.

It came out after almost half a year of arduous efforts. At that time, a few musicians resigned from the project along with the vocalist replaced eventually by Martyna Kubecka.

Unfortunately, some financial problems appeared shortly after. However, they were surmounted thanks to Lukasz "Drago" Paszek, co-producer.

The project was also supported by Katofonia Workshop studio.

Now Martin and Martyna believe that they'll manage to capture the hearts of listeners and receive the funding for the next material.

You can support them on:

'Riven' tells a story of a prisoner awaiting the death sentence.

He's aware of his mistakes and comes to terms with his doom.He realizes he's deprived of freedom due to his own fault.Yet he's still a dreamer and as many other people retreats to his own world.

Song Credits:
Music: Martin Willow
Vocalist: Martyna Kubecka
Lyrics: Martin Willow
Producers: Martin Willow, Lukasz "Drago" Paszek
Recorded in Katofonia Workshop recording studio in Katowice on 31st August 2012.
Sound engineer: Pawel Szczubial

Note:This Info and video has been published on ( with the permission of Martin Willow.

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