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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Evewin Lakra Jamshedpur To Ranchi Trip On His Bike

My Most Thrilling Moment On The Road.
My Trip To Ranchi From Tata (Jamshedpur) On My Bike.
Distance from Jamshedpur to Ranchi is 129 Kilometers / 80 Miles
Date-28th march 2009

This Was The Longest Bike Ride I Made Uptil Now.

"Woke Up Before The Sun...To Begin my journey from Jamshedpur At around 02:30 A.M. of (28th march 2009)"
But just after driving my bike for about 4 K.m. one shocking yet funny incidence happened (My Bike Speedometer) wire broke and after that my analog needle pointed @ 0 Km/hr but I was driving and I was also laughing about this but what to do at that time all the shops in my town were closed so I decided to get my bike Speedometer repaired on the way to Ranchi.

After Driving for about 40-mins I reached one famous Temple which is in the route (Still it was dark before dawn).

Then few dangerous things happened.
I was taking small-small breaks while I was driving (like I was driving for 40 mins then I was stopping my bike) to take rest and let my bike engine cool off. (Coz Its A 100 CC Bike :) )

while I was resting one big truck crossed by me very close and I Shivered for a while (then I decided not to take rest frequently).

It took around 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete my journey.
I feel totally thrilled and happy that I completed the Journey against all odds that came along.

And The funny thing is that I got my speedometer repaired after driving for about 100 k.m. from jamshedpur.... in a shop which was very near to Ranchi :)

Over-All It Was A Good Riding Experience For Me Which I Really Enjoyed.
I Completed The Trip Though So Many People Including My
(Friends & Family) Were Suggesting Me Not To Do Such Stuffs.
But That Time I Was Pretty Much Sure I'm A Decent Driver Who Can Ride Safely.
Throughout My Trip I Was Entertained By One Of My Friend With His Facinating Stories (As He's A Very Good Story Maker) :)

The Moto Of My Trip Was To Give "Bank Exam" Its Center Was Located In The School Where M.S. Dhoni (Yes Team India Captain) Studied.
But The Real Moto Of My Trip Was To Enjoy My Biking.
The Green Mountains Of "Dalma-Hills" Gave Color To My Trip.
The Loneliness Of The NH-33
National Highway 33 (NH 33) is a National Highway Of India in the state of Jharkhand.
(The total area covered by NH 33 is 352 km.)

Made The Journey More Exciting,Specially When You Have The Best Story-Teller Sitting On Your Back :)

Its Kind Of Funny Why I'm Mentioning About My Friend (Story Teller) Again And Again But What Can I Do He's A Person Who Definitely Need Attention Because Of His Classic Fictional OEM Stories. :)

I Can Never Forget The Food Which I Ate During The Trip In A "Dhaba" The Richness Of Their Authentic Spicy But Tasty Food Made Me Say "Wow"

My Menu Was:
Dhaba Authentic Mix Veg Served With Indian Bread "Tandoori Rotis"

While Writing "Tandoori Rotis" In This Article Why I'm Remembering "Hemesh Reshmiya" I Don't Know, May Be Because Of His Song
"Tandoori Nights". :)

Nevermind In The End I Only Want To Say
The Food Was Fantastic,
Journey Was Fun,
Last But Not The Least I Gave Average Performance In That Banking Exam And That Time I Was Feeling Very Happy Because If Was My 1st Banking Exam :)
Though I've Not Got Selected (And Now I'm Really Happy For That)
I Had A Wonderful Journey That I Can Cherish The Rest Of My Life.

Thankyou For Reading My Short But True Story.


These Are Few Of The Pictures I Shot From My 1.5 MP Samsung Phone Camera During My Ranchi Trip.



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