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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Results Of Google India Mapathon 2013 Contest Finally ANNOUNCED But Why ?

See What Google India Mapathon Participant "Dharmender Karhana" Have To Says This About Google India Mapathon 2013 Event:

I was doing my regular classes when this event was started so every evening I used to visit my near by vicinity  and by night I used map it. I was adding around 30 to 60 edits a day but one day I saw a guy he was adding around 1500 places a day that day only I realized India is big country lots of ppl are really trying very hard and I kept my pace 30 to 60 only because only I was wanting  was a certificate and a nice t shirt because for top hundred I really need to do alot that I couldn't do that time I was busy in study. Few things are for sure that people mapped at a huge rate so there must be some unnecessary stuff on map which was not required or else mapped without precision. But at least they did something and with such a cold shoulder from GOOGLE I really appreciate mappers who took time out for this. I'm not potential winner I stand some where between 500 to 1000 rank I will receive certificate and t shirt I'm happy with that....I'm workingin an org... getting money so phone is not an issue for me.... this much acknowledgement is enough from google  I read lots of things about google ..t got great image in our mind but it's not like that it's not that much organised.... in last 3 days there were 3 news about google that how it treat ppl in its own org forget about participant like u n me and lot much...organisation grows big so the problems ...I will be really sad if anyone who has done edits in thousand and isn't there in potential winner  because it's really take tones of efforts... if you calculate that time and effort you have given and put absolute calculation (including the business google will get from it ) you have done jobs of 1 lac rupees per person 4 ..5000 gift voucher aren't big deal for google can get such tablets and phone on any new website of phone without doing a single edit only you have to do is share their post on fb and make ppl like n share it thats it. But in this event google really left very bad impression I know they are moving from services to physical goods but still u need to protect that brand image...these ppl hire over qualified ppl for small small things. but there was no one to update that result date n person to help mappers..and one last thing people like me you dosen't make any difference for google if you don;t get anything even you have done your work...go read term and condition you will end up with nothing but regret. This is called marketing...

Evewin Reply To Mr. Dharmender Karhana

I agree with every word you said.
you know what,not only you but I was also very amazed to know how people are scoring huge edits daily & later I found out that most of the high scoring guys scored because they added only roads & I think adding only roads is the only way to easily score in mapathon contest.
there was no way to score huge (more than 15k+) by adding "point of interest" or do "feature edits" & that I can guarantee.
what I don't understand is why Google India Map Maker team allowed this to happen.
there were so many flaws the way this event was conducted I can name each & every bit of those things including the excuse given by the team for delaying the results.
& in the end also people were expecting to see the winners list & what they got is a mail & still people want to know where they actually stand among the 75000 people who mapped.

This is the Unofficial list of the Winners Of The Mapathon 2013 Contest with every particiapants map-maker profile Id.
You'll also see my name listed among the top 10 participants that time.

Mapathon 2013 Rankings/Leader board (Unofficial)
(all are invited to complete this List, do provide Map Maker id for cross verification!)

1. Manu Augustine:- 44 days , 31314 total edits, 31087 approved, 105 reviews
 MM id-

2. Santosh Kumar:- 42 days , 31305 total edits, 30604 approved
 MM id- (not sure for this lad, cause of no. of days!)

3. Ravinder reddy: - 41 days , 23062 total edits, 22461 approved, 7 reviews
 MM id-

4. Arun K Kumar:- 258 days , 20933 total edits, 20412 approved, 41 reviews
 MM id-
5. Kskme0107 40 days , 19014 total edits, 18496 approved, 48 reviews
 MM id

6. Arul Prakasam T :-1367 days , 45994 total edits, 45521 approved, 669 reviews(15314 edits in contest period)
MM id-

7. Manthan:-  43 days , 15089 total edits, 14841 approved, 13 reviews
MM id-

8. aerial:- 43 days , 14628 total edits, 14309 approved, 100 reviews
MM id-

9. athithya:- 47 days , 13747 total edits, 13059 approved, 5 reviews
MM id-

10. Evewin Christon Lakra:-  43 days , 12718 total edits, 12609 approved, 2 reviews
MM id-

11. Ananta   41 days , 11916 total edits, 11300 approved, 5 reviews
MM id-
12. Kaushal yadav 37 days , 10741 total edits, 10649 approved, 2 reviews
  MM id

13. Aru   41 days , 10674 total edits, 10409 approved, 23 reviews
 MM id-

14. Cartographer  47 days , 10510 total edits, 10341 approved, 21 reviews
 MM id

15. Thamizhan 48 days , 10480 total edits, 10410 approved, 3 reviews
 MM id

16. Nirmal   42 days , 10081 total edits, 10019 approved
 MM id 

17. ABZ  42 days , 9701 total edits, 9511 approved, 8 reviews

but later google informed me that I'm not in the top 10 list.
I was feeling little bit sad but its ok for me if I'm not in the top 10 list.
What was shocking for me was that during mapathon event I was not able to add "ROADS" because of Google Map-Maker application errors popped out every-time I added "ROADS"

& If you watch all the high scoring guys profile you'll find that they added "Only ROADS" this is the point whats bugging me for so many days that Google Indian Mapathon 2013 Contest was not actually about Mapping Your Country But it was about "Adding ONLY ROADS" To score easily.

I can assure you all that you cannot score more than 15k to 16k in 42 days if you seriously add and make better maps for India & how Google India decided to allow "roads edits" equivalent to

"Point Of Interest" Edits Or "Feature Edits"
I Don't Know.
These questions will always remain in my mind that what was the motive of this event.


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