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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How To Beautifully Cut A Kiwi

How To Beautifully Cut A Kiwi (Youtube Video)

Good Morning Good People, Yesterday Evewin Lakra got the opportunity to show-off his Knife Skills on an Exotic Fruit Known as Kiwi :)

Watch the video to Learn How to Beautifully Cut A Kiwi Fruit.......!!!!! 

Enjoy Your Day......!!!!

Kiwi fruit (often shortened to kiwi) or Chinese gooseberry is the name given to the edible berries of several species of woody vines in the genus Actinidia.

The most common cultivar group of kiwifruit ('Hayward') is oval, about the size of a large hen's egg (5–8 cm (2.0–3.1 in) in length and 4.5–5.5 cm (1.8–2.2 in) in diameter).

It has a fibrous, dull greenish-brown skin and bright green or golden flesh with rows of tiny, black, edible seeds.

The fruit has a soft texture and a sweet but unique flavor.

It is a commercial crop in several countries, such as Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Greece, and France.

Info Credits: Wikipedia

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