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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Kendu - The Jungle Fruit

Kendu - The  Jungle  Fruit (Youtube Video)

In Hindi:
we Call this Fruit
"K E N D U"

Its Really Tasty

The Inside
Looks yummy with
Black Seed

& The Flesh of this Fruit is
Really Sweet & Healthy & Tasty

Go & Try it for Yourself

So This is the Seed of
"K E N D U"  Fruit


This Monsoon Season
(Summer-Monsoon Season)
i.e. in the month of

The Jungles are
Full of These
Kinds of
Delicious Yummy Fruits

Specially for the
Exotic Birds, Parrots
People Like Me
Who Really Like Jungle Fruits

I Can eat the Whole Tree
Full of Fruits 

Hello Good People,

Evewin Lakra is Back with another Product Review Video,
This time I'm reviewing a New Noodle Flavour by Maggi India, Its called Maggi Amritsari Achari Noodles,
Do watch the Video to Know more information about this Product: 

Maggi Amritsari Achari Masala Noodles (Youtube Video)

Maggi Amritsari Achari Noodles

Taste is Really  Nice
It  Contains  Fennel

Contains Masalas (Spices) of India Namely:
1. Coriander

2. Cumin

3. kalaunji

4. Red Chilli

& Other Spices

Which Normally Pickle Contains

Evewin Lakra is Recommending
Maggi Amritsari Achari Noodles
To All His Viewers

Go & Buy One for yourself before the STOCKS Ends :)

Yellow  Budgie  Bird  13th June 2017  (Youtube Video)

Good Morning Good People  "Evewin Lakra" is back with another Cute video for you all :)

Yesterday (13th  June  2017) Extremely Cute Yellow Budgie Bird came to our house surroundings in the early morning time, She Sat on a Small Plant & we got the opportunity to shoot few pics & Video of this cute little bird..........

Hope You'll Like It, Enjoy........!!!!! & Have a Great Day to All :) 

Nissin Cup Noodles (Mazedaar Masala Flavour)

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