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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ariel Gift Hamper Not Received

Ariel Gift Hamper Not Received?

Dear Ariel India,
      My Name Is Pushpa Lakra,I Took Part In Your "My Story My Ariel" Contest Few Months Back.
      I received a call from Ariel India few months back stating that I've won a gift hamper But Till Now I Have Not Received My Prize?
      I Informed about this on your Ariel India official facebook page so many times but only once I got their reply.
      But I'm still waiting for my gift hamper.
      This is the proof that I won your gift hamper.
      And if you want you can check out my entry in your
      "My Story My Ariel" app its still visible.
      I hope this video clearly explains what I wanted to convey.

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