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Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Childhood Friend Sachin's Visit Jamshedpur (India)

Date: 3rd And 4th January 2013

Andhra Association English School (Kadma)
"The Blue Diamond" (Bistupur)
My Home (Sonari)
Our Ground (Near Sonari Airport)

It Always So Special To Spend Time With My Friends We Grew Up Together.
We Share A Very Beautiful Bond Of Friendship.

My Friend Visited Me After A Long Duration,
Actually He Works In Hyderabad And I Live In Jamshedpur So We Don't Meet Often But When We Do Its Always A Good Time.

We Studied In The Same School When He Used To Stay In Jamshedpur.

My Childhood Memories
Birthday Pic In Which Sachin Is Also Present
(Clapping And Singing "Happy Birthday" He He He :)

We Played Countless Hours Of Cricket Together With Our Few Other Friends.

We Christened Our Cricket Team As 
I (Evewin Christon Lakra) Was The Captain Of Our Team And We Won 
2 Tournaments And Many Matches.

 2 Times "Akshar Education" Champions

The Joy Of Sharing My Life With My Friends.
 Enjoying A Beautiful January Morning @ My School
 Thats The School I Brought Up In.
 My Childhool Pal.
 Smiling Away
 Happy Moments
 Cherishing Times

Andhra School Established In 1957

 Andhra Association English School (A.A.E.S) Established In 1976

Brunch/Lunch At The Newly Opened Restaurant "The Blue Diamond" (Bistupur)

 Dining With A Friend Is Always Fun
 Merriment On The Roll
Soaking Some Beautiful Winter Sun
The Foodie Me (Evewin Christon Lakra) :)
A Beautiful Afternoon Well Spent
 Water Is A Friend
Antique Rifles and Pistols On Display At The Restaurant
 Shoot Away All Your Worries & Be Happy :)
"The Blue Diamond" Restaurant.
Peace I Wish To All 

A Nice Artifact & We Smiling :)
Friendship Is To Climb The Ladder Of Life Together :)

 Pack Of Biscuits Inside A Eco-Friendly Bag Made Out Of Empty Cereals Box
 Lets Sit Down And Talk
 Christmas Time With Friends And Family
 Christmas Joys With Friends
 Christmas Season Of Love
 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
 Say No To Plastic Say Yes To Eco-Friendly Gift Wraps/bags
 Smile Is A Beautiful Jewel

Heart Warming Moments
 Enjoying The Winter Sun

 Newly Constructed Road
 Right Side (AirPort) Left Side (Our Ground)
 Life In An Open-Road
 Sweet Momemts
 Sun Rays Falling Down On Us
 "Team Evolution" Players
Remembering Our Good Old Cricketing Days :)

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