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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Our 2013 1st Short Picnic At Jubilee Park Jamshedpur

Our 2013
1st Short Picnic At
Jubilee Park

Every Year On Founder's Day (3rd March)
The 225-acre
(0.91 km2)
Jubilee Park is decorated with brilliant lightwork for about a week.

Jubilee Park
City : Jamshedpur
State : Jharkhand
Country : India
Area: 225-acre
      (0.91 km2)

2013 Has Just Begun,
And Our Hearts Started To Make Plans For
The New Year Enjoyment.

We Decided To Goto
The Greenest n Cleanest
Picnic Spot/Place Of Our City
Yes You've Guessed It Right
That Place Is Known As
"Jubilee Park"

Question no.1
Why "Jubilee Park" Is The Best Place To Enjoy At Jamshedpur ?

Answer no.1
"Jubilee Park" Is Maintained By Non Other Than The Steel Giant Of The World "Tata-Steel" And They Always Do Their Best To Keep The Park In Great Shape.
It Doesn't Matter Whats The Current Season, When You're At
"Jubilee Park" You'll Definitely Have Lots And Lots Of Fun And That I Can Guarantee! Oh Yeah!

Question no.2
Anything Special About This "Jubilee Park" Of Jamshedpur?

Answer no.2
Yes, There Are Many Things That Comes
In My Mind Whenever I Think About This Beautiful Park.
The 1st One Is The Famous Statue Of
Sir "Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata"

The Beautiful And Colorful Fountains

The Fresh Air And The
Lovely Smell Of The "Rose-Garden"
Which Is A Part Of This Park.

The Open Area With Greenery Surrounding You
When You Are At This Wonderful Place.

Cleanliness Of This Park.

Question no.3
What I Don't Like About "Jubilee Park" ?

Answer no.3
You Must Be Thinking Why I'm Writing This
But This Is Really Important.
During New-Year Time
(Period Between 26th December To 10th Januray)
More Than 1 Lakhs People
Visit This Wonderful Park.

Many People Come From Very Far Off Places
To Experience The Beauty Of This Park
But When They Leave......
They Hurt The Scenic Beauty Of This Park
By Throwing Garbage Plastic Bags
and Other Waste Material Which Completely
Ruins The Natural Shine Of "Jubilee Park"

It Becomes Really Hard For The Workers
Who Are Appointed To Clean The Park
They Had To Work Hours And Hours To
Re-gain The Actual Shape Of This Park.
People Must Learn How To Keep
The Environment Clean
And Then Only They Can Be Called As
"People With Kind Heart"

There Is A Misconception Here That
People Who Are "Illiterate"
Only Do Such Kind Of Act But
This Is "100 Percent FALSE"

I've Seen People
(Who Studied In Top Schools And Collages)
They Also Do Such Kind Of Stuff
And Hurt The Environment.

"I Regard These Kind Of People As
"Illiterate From Heart"

Mother Nature Needs LOVE Just Like We Do !
Me & My Family Are Dedicated
To Preserve Our Environment
For We Belong To This Beautiful Earth :)
No Matter How Small Your Efforts Are..
It Does Put A Smile On Nature's Face :)
I Felt It & It Inspire Me To Do More :)

Winter Blooms Of January...
Your Playful Buddies In  A Breezy Afternoon.

 Smiles Of God Reflected In Flowers.
Refreshing Green Sprouts With Hot Green Chillies.
I Love Home-Cooked Meal.
Full Of Nutrition & Oh!So Yum!

Cauliflower Florets,
Seasonal Green Peas & Potatoes
Stirred In Juicy Tomatoes & Some Spices :)

Aromatic & Srumptutious
Basmati Rice Cooked In Very Little Oil
With Some Shredded Seasonal Veggies Thrown In!
Colourful & Nice.

Poori is an unleavened Indian bread,
commonly consumed in India,Bangladesh,
Pakistan and other countries of South Asia.
It is eaten for breakfast or as a snack or light meal.
Poori is prepared with wheat flour,
either atta (whole wheat flour)
maida (refined wheat flour),
or sooji (coarse wheat flour)

Family & Friends Sharing
A Relaxed Lunch At The Park.

In A Beautiful Afternoon Standing
Under The Shadows Of The Huge Ashok Trees

Badminton Champ In Me Having Fun At The Park.
Sharing A Warm Smile Is The Best Greeting.

(((The End)))

Our 2013 1st Short Picnic At Jubilee Park Jamshedpur
Video Composed By Evewin Christon Lakra
Music by Dan-O at
Special Thanks To My Mom (Mrs. Pushpa Lakra) And Nancy's Mom For Making Delicious Lunch For Our Picnic.
Venue :
Jubilee Park
City : Jamshedpur
State : Jharkhand
Country : India
All Pictures Used In This Video Has Been Exclusively Shot And Edited By Me "Evewin Christon Lakra" With The Little Help Of Dolly Lakra!!!!