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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Welcome To Kissanpur

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Hello Friends In This Post I'll Share My Experience Of Participating In Kissanpur Contest Which Was Organised By The Kissan India Team.

The Origins Of The Brand
"Kissan " Goes Back
To The Year 1935.

Kissan Took The Initiative To Educate Small Childrens About Planting Tomatoes.

Though The Competition
Was Meant To Promote
The Spirit Of Growing Tomatoes,
Among Children.

I Asked The Kissan-Team,
If I Too Could Be A Part
Of This Amazing Initiative
In Any Way And Guess What!
They Said YES !

Because This Awareness Program
Is Meant To Teach
All Of Us...
The Importance Of
Juicy Fresh Fruits
In Our Diet.

In This Initiative The Participants Had To 1st Request Seeds From Kissan & Once The Seed Is Received We Have To Grow Tomato Plants.

Points Were Given On The Basis Of How Your Plants Are Growing That Is You Have To Upload Your Original Pics & Videos Of Your Plant To Kissanpur Website So As To Gain Points.
They Selected Top 100 & Gave Them Kissanpur Goddies :)

Kissan Sent Me The
100% Real Tomato Seeds ! :)

I Received Kissan Tomato Seeds For
Kissanpur Contest In The Month Of March 2012

Once I Received The Seeds I Was Really Happy & That Day Only I Went Out To Buy Small Earthern Pots,Soil etc To Grow My Tomato Plant.

I Planted
Those Seeds Happily...
And Yay!
The Tiny Sprouts
Did Come Out !
We Were All So Delighted
Watching The Tiny Sprouts
Pushing Through The Soil.

It Took Around 6-7 Days For My Tomato Plant's Baby Leaves To Come Up From The Soil.

I Was Feeling Very Happy....Coz My Tomato Plant Started To Grow Nicely.

The Tiny Sprouts
Turned Into
Tiny Little Plants...
But Most Of Them
Were Ruined
Due To Bird's
Playing On Them !LOL.
Never Mind !

So Many House Sparrow Came To My Balcony & Raided The Pot,They Ate Most Of The Tomato Plants That I Planted & I Was Really Feeling Sad But Later I Realized That Its The Taste Of Kissan Authentic Tomato Plant That Attracted The Brids & I Was Really Lucky That I Have Already Sent A Video & Many Images Of My Tomato Plant Earlier For Which I Gained Many Points & I Was Among The Top 100 Winners. :)

Thanks To Kissan Team.

On 28th June 2012
I Received Kissan's
Kissanpur Contest Prize

The Prize Kit Included:
3.Kissan Eco-Friendly Jute Bag.

And On 15th June 2013
I Received
The Limited Edition
Kissan Tomato Ketchup Bottle
My Childhood Pic
On The Kissan Bottle.

I'm Really Happy
To Achieve This Prize
In The Month Of "June"
Because Its My
Birthday Month
& My Birthday Falls
On 8Th June :)
That Was The Day
They Sent Me
The Prize & I Received It
On The 15th Of This Month :)

It Was A Wonderful Experience
To Be A Part Of
Such An Exciting Initiative
By Kissan:
A Brand Which Is
As Old As Independent India.

I Was Just Happy
To Plant Seeds
& Watch The Tiny Sprouts
Shoot Up Through The Soil.

I M Not Gonna Give Up..
I Will Keep
Planting Seeds & Try :)

For Now ,
I Feel So Elated...
This Great Initiave
By Kissan Brought Me.
It Brought Great Joy
To My Heart & Soul
& Inspired Me
To Plant More Seeds.

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