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Friday, 28 February 2014

"AMD RIG Busted On Stock Speed" ((( Problem Solved )))

If You've not watched my Video about
How My "AMD RIG Busted On Stock Speed" Without OverClocking On 18th December 2013 After Using it in "Stock Speed" For the Past 3.5 Years Then Take A Look At That Video And In This Blog Post I'll tell you guys about how I finally managed to Solve my AMD Computer Problem On 22nd Feb 2014.

It Took Me Around "2 Months" To Solve This Problem.
and because of this I was So "Frustrated" on AMD that I even called them "Cheater" and they don't know how to make "Processors" But now
"I Take back My words" because "AMD Global Team" Finally Helped Me To Solve my Problem By Replacing My Faulty Processor that was 3.5 Years Old.
I know AMD Give 3 Years Warranty And My Faulty Processor Gave Up in 3.5 Years Then How I was able to get the Replacement From AMD ?
The Answer is Simple:
I Never Spoke Any False Statement in My Entire RMA Process.
Though,When I 1st Applied For My RMA Of My Faluty AMD Processor They "REFUSED" To Replace My Faulty Processor Because It was
"Out Of Warranty" But after watching "My Video","My Blog Post" And The "Conversations" That I've Had With The "AMD Global Team" About
My Problem,They Finally Accepted My RMA And Approved it.
It Took Me Around 11 Days To Get A New Working C.P.U. From AMD.
Now Few Of You Guys May Be Thinking If Anyone Do "OverClocking" And "Burn" Your CPU Or "Bent" Or "Break" Your "CPU Pins" By Improper Installation Then also you're eligible for the Replacement Under
"AMD Global TEAM" ?
The Answer is Simply "NO"
Because My AMD Processor was Never-Ever been "OverClocked" And Because They Saw My "Video" in which I clearly Explained what I've faced By Using This AMD Computer For 3.5 Years and I even Told them what I did earlier To Solve My AMD Computer Problem When It Got Busted On 18th Of December 2013.
Then Only They Made the decision to replace my Faulty AMD Processor.

Because "The Truth" Will Always "Win" No Matter What.
(Exception: Country "India") Where "Truth" Hardly Win's :)

I Thank The "AMD Global Team" For All The Help They've Provided Me To Replace My Faulty Processor And Finally I Like To Thank
"Accel FrontLine" Team For Replacing My Faulty Unit With A Brand New Working Processor And I Hope This One Will Last Me At-least 2 Years From Now (Fingers Crossed).
Thankyou Jesus
Thankyou Abacus Peripherals (Ranchi)
Thankyou All For Your Support For The Past 2 Months Including Members Of:
Tom's Hardware
Digit Forum
People Like:
& few others.......!!!!!!!!!
((( Peace )))

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