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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Why "School-Students" are involved in Collecting "DONATIONS" For "Help Age India" ?

Why "School-Students"
are involved in Collecting
"Help Age India" ?

Do You Think Its Good That "Help Age India" Involve "School Childrens" To Collect Money From "Unknown Neighbour/Peoples" By knocking Their Door Every Year & Asking The Same Thing
i.e. "Donation In The Name Of "Help Age India" ?

Many times I thinks to myself,why "Help Age India" & all our School authorities include innocent childrens (School Students) to collect money to help old age people ?

Where our Indian Tax-Payers Money Going?
Do The Government has to do such type of duty or should directly donate certain amount of tax payers money to "Help Age India" or any other organization who really do many things to help the needy people.

In current days Most Of the School are not very Poor.

So I really want to know how much Donations do the School provide to such Organizations ?

for certain people I may sound little bit "Evil-Type" because I'm aking a question on the organization that is helping "Old People" ?

But I really think My Questions are Valid.

"Help Age India" or any other organization that involves "Students" to collect Money is not FAIR.


I'm not saying we should not help organization like this.......what I'm saying is evey person is free in this amazing country so why few organization involve Childrens to Collect Money ?
Its not Right.

Currently we are in the era of "Tech Revolution"
Information flows from one person to another in a matter of seconds but why these organizations are wasting the Valuable time of School Students by giving them Duty to "collect Money"

Indian People Need "Common Sense" From Base-Root
(Which is the only thing that lack in this country)
Teach Every Kid Not To Throw Your Mamma & Papa Or Dadi/Dadu (GrandMa/GrandPa) Or Any Old People Out Of Your House Once They Turn Old.
Respect Them,Love Them & Never Throw Them Away Like Garbage.
If you understand My words You'll support me and then We don't need to have organization like "Help Age India" or any other organization which involves
"School Childrens" To Collect Money.

Hope You'll understand My Words......!!!!!

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