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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Journey To Buy Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor by Evewin Lakra

Good Afternoon Good People......Evewin Lakra is back with another
interesting Blog-Post, once again after a long Delay :)

Never-mind lets begin.

Today I'll be writing about my Recent Tech Product Purchase.

Product Name:
Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor

Basic Monitor Technical Specification:
1. Screen Size
   59.8 cm (23.6)

2. Wide Viewing Angle:
Delivers a 178° wide viewing angle at
1920 x 1080 resolution.

3. Eye Saver Mode:

Flicker Free technology:

5. Response Time 4 ms

6. PLS Screen (Plane Line Switching)
(Samsung Version of IPS
(In-plane switching)

7. T-shape stand.

8. D-Sub, 1 EA HDMI, Headphone Port.

(Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor Review By Evewin Lakra )
You can watch my Review Video about "Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor"
for More Details about this Product.
On 14th March 2016 I've uploaded the review video to my youtube channel (

 Kolkata Trip 2016 By Evewin Lakra.  
 So let the Quest to buy "Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor" Begins.........!
Few months back My CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Monitor (HCL- HCM-780M)
which I've got with my 1st Generation computer (HCL BeanStalk) Computer
Got busted i.e. after using the monitor for about 5-6 years, this monitor was having the problem in powering up & many occasions there were some white-flash glow on the screen & sometime diagonal-lines can be seen & one day It was not Powering up at all, So I know its time to replace the monitor with a new & a Sleek one.

So I've decided to buy a new monitor.
Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor

You may think Why I've selected a "Samsung" brand monitor & not
DELL or LG or any other barnd.

My Answers:
"Samsung" don't pay me money to promote its Product,
I trust "Samsung" products :)
The Samsung monitor which I've bought in the Year 2010 Still works fine.
(Though after using it for around 3.5 Years, it had few

Coloring-issues (Yellow/Bluish TINT) few months back, but it got healed automatically)

So I've again decided to Trust "Samsung" and Set my plan to buy
Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor.

By the way its not easy to get what you want to buy in my City.
I means If you're living in Jamshepur, you won't be able to get the desired Tech-Products from the I.T. STORES located in our City as they are very outdated, & most of the ONLINE Stores
(Eg.Amazon India,Flipkart) Don't send Most of the Products
(Specially IT Products whose Price is Rs.10000 & above in small cities like Jamshepdur)

So if you're living in Jamshedpur then You've to decide wheather you want to buy Products SUGGESTED by our LOCAL I.T. SHOPS coz you won't be getting what you want to buy or 2nd option is to TRAVEL to a Metro-City & buy the Product yourself. 

Evewin Lakra always like to take Challenges, so I've decided to goto "Kolkata" to buy the Product from a "Trusted Computer Shop" which is LOCATED in GC (Ganesh-Chandra) Avenue, the name of that Computer Shop is "Vedant Computers"
15 day before I've planned my trip,
Booked the Tickets (Tata-Howrah Steel Express AC CC) Compartment Tickts.
Book 2 Tickets.
1 for me & the other for my MOM.
My mom loves Kolkata very much, so whenever I go to Kolkata She also want to go.
The only thing We don't like about Kolkata is traveling in hot Climate & Standing in the Waiting-LINE for Your Pre-Paid Taxi.

Thats being said, the moment I've booked my Train Tickets online & got Confirmation from the IRCTC (Indian Railway) website that Seats are available I felt very happy coz after around 7-8 Months I'll be again going to Kolkata.

On 24th February 2016 I've informed "Vedant Computers" on their Facebook Page to Keep the Monitor Ready On a Particular date i.e. on
8th March 2016 as I'll be coming to their shop to buy that monitor, they responded "Positively" & told me to come as they have the model which I've wanted to buy (Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor)
in between 24th February to 8th March 2016 I've reminded them

3 Times to keep the monitor ready as I'll be coming to their shop on 8th March 2016 to buy the monitor they've again confirmed me Positively.

so I was very happy and relaxed.

Date:7th march 2016
I got up early morning as my train departure time was 6.30 A.M.
It was 5:00 A.M. Me & my mom were ready with our bags & suitcase & we were waiting for our auto wala (Auto-Rikshaw) who was supposed to drop us to the Jamshedpur Railway station.

The (Auto-Rikshaw) came to pick us on time.
We reached the Jamshedpur-Railway station in around 15 Minutes.
boarded the train, the compartment was Empty coz we went there little early (1-Hour Early) but who cares, its always better to go to the railway station before your TRAIN Departure Time.

Reached Kolkata on TIME (in around 4 hours & 30minutes)
it was 10:30 A.M. we touched down the Howrah Station in Kolkata.
Went straight to the "Mio-Amore" bakery shop at FOOD-Plaza Old-Howrah Station to buy Veg-Patties,Chicken-Patties & Garlic Bread :)
Finished eating Veg-Patties & Chicken-Patties on the station itself.
Took Garlic Bread & mio amore cookies box for my small cousins who resides in Kolkata.
Just we were about to leave the howrah station to book the Pre-paid taxi
we saw our Relative "My 2 Fufu" Aunts at the howrah station Entrance/Exit Point,felt little amazed, talked with them for few minutes and then went towards the Pre-paid taxi LINE.
The LINE was HUGE (may be 15-20 People were in the Que) I knew it'll take approx 20 minutes or so to book our Pre-paid taxi to the place where we want to go (My cousin's House) which is very far away from Kolkata Howrah Station (Approx 1 hour is needed to get to thier house)
they live in "Badamtala" area whose nearest metro station is
Masterda Surya Sen metro station "bansdroni" kolkata.
Kolkata weather was so HOT, reached their house in around 1 Hour & felt like We WON a WAR. :) 

 So we were very happy to visit their house after a long time.
freshen up and were ready to eat our LUNCH,which was fish & rice along with some salads & Papad/Papadum (Fried Indian wafer)

after our lunch we talked with the kids While watching T.V.

then we took a small power-nap.
In the evening time me & my mom decided to roam around the near-by places to see the evening atmosphere of the badamtala area of kolkata.
We saw many grocery shops & food stalls, in one laundry shop we saw a man making ROTIS
(Indian Bread) in a Chula (Indian Coal-Burner) & his Rotis were so Round & fluffy. later we asked our MASSI (Aunt) about that
laundry shop which also sells ROTIS, she told us that YES, that laundry shop also sells ROTIS, & most of the people living in this area,who don't want to cook ROTIS on a particular day buys ROTIS from that laundry shop :)
we also went to one grocery store, my mom wanted to buy "Local Made" Sev (food) (Sev is a popular Indian snack food,consisting of small pieces of crunchy noodles made from chickpea flour paste (Besan)

while she was buying Sev, I saw one "MODERN Brand-Bread" after such a long time :)
While coming back to my aunt house, I saw a Pani-Puri
(Golguppa Food Stall) & I went ahead to taste the Pani-Puri of Kolkata, It was OK-OK, not that Great, by the way if you want to watch My Home Made Pani-Puri (Golguppa video LINK.) 

then we went to another food-stall to buy egg-noodles.
We parceled it & ate it in our aunt house.

Went to sleep but were hardly able to sleep coz of the mosquitoes & the bed was not that comfortable.

Finally the Day has come
(8th March 2016)
I was so happy, got up early morning, & was telling everyone that the product which I want to buy is READY in the Computer SHOP
(Vedant Computers Kolkata) & I just have to go & take it from there, then we'll be heading back to Jamshedpur along with my New MONITOR.
(Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor)

We packed our bags and was getting ready to leave the house to go to that computer shop, We took the WHITE-TAXI this time instead of bumble-bee (Yellow Taxi) in that TAXI it was written
The Taxi Driver asked us Rs.275 for taking us to the Computer SHOP
(Vedant Computers Kolkata) from "Badamtala" area.
We paid him the SAME amount (SAME FARE Evewin) :)

Reached there in around 45 Minutes.
Me & my mom entered Vedant Computers Kolkata,
Greeted by the shop, I told them its me "The Guy from Jamshedpur"
They Recognized me & I Felt so good that everything is going according to the Plan, then he said "Samsung S24E 390HL" is not available today, It'll be available tomorrow, I felt so disappointed that I've traveled to kolkata Just buy this Monitor, informed them 10 days before & after getting Positive Reply from the Vedant Computers Kolkata, I went to their shop to buy the monitor & its not available, was really disappointed coz not only I've informed them 10 days before coming & kept reminding 2-3 times to keep the monitor ready & after getting Positive Reply from them I went to KOLKATA, I've to board my train at 5:30 P.M. but he said today he is helpless in giving the monitor which I want to buy, so the only Option left for me was to DROP my PLAN to buy
"Samsung S24E 390HL" & buy the monitor form other BRANDS which he has (Eg. LG, Dell, ASUS, ETC) or to Pay Premium to Vedant Computers for the Courier & he'll send the monitor in 2 days to my place in Jamshedpur)
I thought for a moment & decided that I'll take to BLOW, & Paid him the money for the Monitor + the (Premium Courier Charge Rs.800)
I also requested him to PACK the monitor very-well because I really care for my tech products, He agreed & we clicked few pics in the SHOP & said farewell to Vedant Computers Kolkata, 

took a TAXI for the
Howrah-Station, (It took us around 10 Minutes to Get a TAXI for Howrah-Station from Vedant Computers coz most of the TAXI were not going to Howrah-Station but luckily we found ONE that took us to the Howrah-Station from Vedant Computers for Taxi Fare (Rs.100)

Reached the station 2-Hour before our train departure, again went to the FOOD-FOOD Stall, Bought 1-Plate Chole-Bhature & Parcelled 1-Plate
VEG-hakka noodles, went to our waiting room, I ate noodles over there, & waited there for around 1 more hour and when the CLOCK hit 4:40 P.M. We started to leave the waiting room, boarded the TRAIN
(Train No.12813 Howrah-Tata Steel Express) while coming home in the train mom was feeling SICK, (Traveling in Kolkata in HOT weather is not a JOKE,even for a healthy Person)
Reached Jamshedpur "ON-TIME"
Felt Relief,

In 2 days My Monitor "Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor" came HOME from
"Vedant Computers" & it was really nicely PACKED.
Felt good & Thanked "Vedant Computers" & Everyone is HAPPY NOW.

Hope you've enjoyed reading "My Journey To Buy Samsung S24E 390HL Monitor"
Blog POST.

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Enjoy & Peace to ALL.

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