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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nikon L340 NOT The BEST Point & Shoot Camera By Evewin Lakra.

      Everyone My Name is "Evewin Lakra" & Today I'll be telling you about my Newly Purchased Point & Shoot Camera "Nikon L340" Which I've bought From but after Testing the Camera I was not happy with the Images it produces So I've returned the Camera Back.
Camera Model No.
Nikon COOLPIX L340 (Point & Shoot Camera)

Camera Price.     
Approx Rs.10000 (Indian Rupee)

Why "Evewin Lakra" Returned
(Nikon L340 Point & Shoot Camera) back to Flipkart.

Reason No.1
Nikon L340 Camera Don't Have a "Manual Mode" to Control Various/Important Settings of your Camera.

Reason No.2
Horrible FOCUS:
Nikon L340 Camera BODY Looks Superb (As if its a High-End DSLR or a DSLM)Camera but You'll never be SURE You've Shot a SHARP Image or a Blurry Image coz the "Focus" is Horrible in this Camera.

Reason No.3
LCD Screen is not Trust-able.
The Images on LCD screen Looks very sharp but when you Transfer the same images to your Computer,then You'll actually find out that the images which you've seen in the LCD screen of the Camera as Very Sharp Images,actually Got FOCUS on Wrong Subjects which is not what you were expecting.

Reason No.4
Self-Timer MODE:
Nikon L340 Camera has only ONE Self-Timer MODE:
Which is 10sec. that means Everytime you want to Click a Self-Timer Image, You have to wait for 10sec. Countdown.
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, CLICK
Stupid Nikon.......!!!!!

Reason No.5
20.2 MP Camera
1/2.3-in.type, CCD SENSOR.
(They don't Complement Each Other)
Whats the point of introducing 20.2 MEGA-PIXEL with the 1/2.3-in CCD sensor WITHOUT "MANUAL MODE" ?

Evewin Lakra Final Verdict About Nikon L340 Camera:
If you are very new to Photography, i.e. if this is the 1st time ever you'll be Clicking the "SHUTTER BUTTON" of any Camera.
Then you'll not find a better camera than Nikon L340 Camera.

but if you are already familiar with clicking pics then stay away from
Nikon L340 Camera.

I'm not getting why Nikon Disabled "Manual Mode" in
Nikon L340 Camera otherwise it would have been a good camera.
after all this camera has Massive 28X Optical ZOOM but Nikon Wasted a great opportunity to utilize the hardware of this camera.

My 8 Years old "Samsung S1060" Point & Shoot Camera has "Manual Mode"
which makes it so much fun & easy to shoot images where as this
Nikon L340 Camera lacks such important features.

So if you want to buy a Camera Just for its "LOOKS"
then Nikon L340 is Your Best Option.

but if you're looking for a camera for "Taking Sharp Shots" then Nikon L340 is definitely not the Best OPTION.

Hope this short review helps my Blog Reader to make decision before buying Nikon L340 Camera.

& in the last note I like to mention that the admin of this BLOG (Evewin Lakra) don't get rewards or prizes from Other camera brands
for making such a harsh type of review about Nikon but I can't say False to my Readers who "Trust" "Evewin Lakra" Blog ""

If you people found this Blog Post informative then Please Share it with your Friends & Family who are about to buy a new Camera.

Thankyou & Peace To All.

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