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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Bike Ride in RainFall 24th June 2016

Bike Ride in RainFall

24th June 2016

Marine-Drive Jamshedpur:

Me & My Mom Were Going to a Restaurant after a Long time
We took the Marine-Drive Route & after riding my bike for about 3.5 K.m & Suddenly We Heard a Cracking Sound of Thundering & Lightening after that Heavy rainfall started,
We took shelter in a Bus-Stand for around 10-15 minutes & then we decided that we have to ride back home in this heavy rainfall coz Its not going to STOP any Soon.

Its always a Great Experience of Riding your bike in Rain but this time it was Scary because of High Intensity Thundering & Lightening.

Sorry I was not able to capture the shots of me riding my bike in rainfall but in future I'll surely do that.

Enjoy the Monsoon Season

Ride Slow Ride Safe.

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