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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Bike Ride With MOM To NH-33 (Jamshedpur) Tata-Ranchi National-Highway 33.

Date: 27th May 2016
Bike: Yamaha FZS-Fi Version 2.0
(Special Version)

Main Rider: Evewin Lakra. 

Pillion Rider: Pushpa Lakra.

Good Evening Guys!!!!
This is "Evewin Lakra" & I'm again back with another interesting blog, this time I'll be writing about my Short Morning Bike=Ride to (Jamshedpur) Tata-Ranchi National-Highway 33 with my Mom.

On 27th May 2016 Time:9:00 A.M.(IST) Before the Start of our Bike-Ride the weather looked extremely Cloudy & my mom was fighting with me for a Valid Reason. We should NOT go for a Bike-Ride in this type of weather & I was telling her The SUN will soon POP-Up & there will be Sunshine when we Start our Bike-Ride.

After Arguing for about 15 minutes my mom finally changed her mind & she was ready to go for a Bike-Ride. We still haven't Decided where we'll go.
Took the the Marine-Drive (Jamshedpur) Route & after reaching one END of Marine Drive we Stopped & then I had to make a choice wheather to go "RIGHT-DIRECTION" (To "MANGO" SIDE Route that connects NH-33) or take the "LEFT-DIRECTION" to go back to Jamshedpur CITY. 

 We took the "RIGHT-DIRECTION" and after reaching MANGO-Reliance Fresh SHOP (Near Payal-Cinema Hall) Suddenly the WIND speed increased & the Dark Clouds begin to sprinkle tiny droplets of water, Once again I had to make a decision weather to carry on my BIKE-RIDE or to take the U-Turn & get back HOME ASAP (as soon as Possible)

I've decided to continue my bike ride to Enter NH-33 & yes the moment we Crossed the "CITY-In" Hotel, the Beautiful Ever-Green Dalma-Hills welcomed US & it was a Pleasing site so we Stopped our bike for a little while, found a place where there were Sand-Dunes type of place whre lots of sands were kept. we took few images & video shots over there & then we continued our Bike-Ride. After around 5-8 minutes the tiny droplets of Rain became HEAVY & we had to find shelter, Stopped my bike & the Rain Stopped in couple of minutes then again We started our ride.
The Scenic Beauty of Dalma-Hills gave us courage to ride.

Crossed 10th MILE-STONE Restaurant (Opposite to Hill-View) Restaurant.
We started to feel little hungry I wanted to have the taste of
"Authentic-Dhaba" but after we crossed  10th MILE-STONE & Hill-View Restaurant there were hardly any Dhaba where we can EAT so we had to take a U-Turn to get back to 10th MILE-STONE Restaurant.
The Restaurant Security-Guard said the Restaurant will open at 10:30 We reached little early then we thought we should try Hill-View Restaurant, we know it'll be OPENED as its located Just the Opposite side of 10th MILE-STONE Restaurant in NH-33. As we were moving ONE Staff from 10th MILE-STONE Restaurant came to Us & said the Restaurant is Opened & we can Come IN. The inside view & ambiance of "10th MILE-STONE Restaurant" is really wonderful, we decided to Order our Breakfast,

Puri-Sabji (Puri-Potato) & 2 Cup TEA. while "10th MILE-STONE Restaurant" were preparing our breakfast we were Shooting Pics.

 Beautiful Birds at 10th Mile Stone Restaurant.

It took around 20 minutes for our breakfast to be served.
We were happy to see Puri-Sabji (Puri-Potato) on our table though in the Video I've said Its Really Good But Later I've to admit:
This is The Very 1st time I ate HOT but Non-Fluffy PURI at a Restaurant.

Sabji was good but it was not that tasty.
As a Traveler I've to say "10th MILE-STONE Restaurant" have to IMPROVE their Food-Quality after all is a "Restaurant"

The Sun Begins to SHINE & the Dark-Rainy Clouds Disappeared, Overall it was a Nice Experience & I'll cherish this Bike-Ride to Tata-Ranchi National-Highway-33 with my Mom the Rest of my LIFE.

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Thankyou & Peace to all my Readers.

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