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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Chef-Christon Prawn Goa in a Platter Recipe

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Chef-Christon Prawn Goa in a Platter Recipe (Youtube Video)

17th July 2016

Dedicated to
Sir.Remo Fernandes

Today Evewin Lakra A.K.A. Chef-Christon will Teach you all How to make SIMPLE Yet Extremely Delicious Prawn Recipe.

Recipe Name:
Chef-Christon Prawn Goa in a Platter.

After a long time Me & My mom bought fresh-Prawns from the Kadma Market (Jamshedpur) India.

Today, because its SUNDAY, the market was really crowded with all the vehicles parked on the ROADS :)

While my mom was purchasing Fresh-Prawns I was busy watching the Traffic failures of our city :)

So after we brought Prawns home, we decided to make a Quick Starter Recipe with it.

Step to make Chef-Christon Prawn (Goa in a Platter) Recipe

Step 1.
Clean the Prawns.

Step 2.
Rub some Turmeric & Salt over it.
(Optional: Add Red-Chilli Powder also)

Step 3.
Heat the OIL

Step 4.
Fry The Prawn Till they become GOLDERN Brown.

Step 5.
Serve it in a Platter.

Step 6.
Garnish it with Coriander Leaves, Lime, Green Chilli, etc.

Chef-Christon Prawn (Goa in a Platter) Recipe is Ready to be Enjoyed.

Hope You Like My Simple Recipe.

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