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Monday, 16 January 2017

Ruchi Lachha Fruit BUN

Ruchi Lachha Fruit BUN (Youtube Video)

Ruchi Lachha Fruit BUN is World Cheapest but Still So TASTY Tooty-Fruity BUN

Price: Rs.10

 Ruchi Lachha Fruit BUN  is definitely a Recommended Product by Evewin Lakra.

Made in the "Durgapur" region of West Bengal (India) , Ruchi Lachha Fruit BUN contains Tooty Fruity & Coconut which makes this beautiful looking bun taste extremely good & for the price of just Rs.10 this is a MUST BUY Product..!!!!!!
Hope in the coming days we'll see many more products like this, Don't forget to watch the video to know more about this product,
this is "Evewin Lakra" signing off.........!!!!!! enjoy the afternoon sun in the COLD Winter Season :)

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