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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Flower Show 2016 by Evewin Lakra

Flower Show 2016 by Evewin Lakra (Youtube Video)

Good Afternoon Good People as Promised "Evewin Lakra" is back with another interesting SUNDAY Blog Post + Video.

Today I'll be writing about my visit to the 28th Annual Flower Show at Jamshedpur.

Regal Ground
(Gopal Maidan)
Bistupur Jamshedpur

Event Duration:
From: 24th December 2016 To 27th December 2016

I got the opportunity to visit the beautiful flower show on 26th of December 2016 just the day after Christmas.

This time we also took one of our Guest with Us Yes My Uncle (Mama) to the Flower show because he said he has never seen the flower show of Jamshedpur :)

So we took him along with us....... We Reached the Venue at around 11:00 A.M. was looking for a Spot to park our Vehicle but most of the Parking Places near OLD SONY (Showroom) Corner of (Novalty Hotel/IceCream Parlor) was already packed with many Cars & other vehicles so 1s we had to move to the downside of the road then we had to take our vehicle to the other side of the road near Somewhere between Muslim Library & Gujarati Sanatan Samaj
Finally we managed to Park our Car & we entered the Regal Ground (Gopal Maidan) after walking the Uphill Road for sometime (by the way I was Wearing My Heavy BIKERS BOOT) which made walking more Challenging for me but then again to watch the beautiful flowers I can take this Challenge with Ease :)

Entry Ticket Cost:
28th Annual Flower Show At Jamshepdur Entry ticket cost was Rs.10
We Purchased 4 Tickets & We Entered the Regal Ground.

The Moment we got in........ fresh Smells of Colorful flowers welcomed us with full Glory, there were thousands of flowers all around from rare species of ROSES to the Common ones all were POSING for us to take the Shot in our Camera :) 
& we Did shot some fabulous pics while experiencing the exquisite natural beauty of all the flowers displayed over there.

There were bunches of:






& many other flowers Surrounding the "Regal Ground"
as if there is some sort of "Beauty Pageant" Going on & yes this was the Natural "Beauty Pageant" of Mother Nature.

If took us around 2-Hours fully experience the beautiful flower show 2016 of Jamshedpur then after getting out of the flower show we ate few Ice-Creams & came back home :)

Overall it was a Superb Day Well SPENT.

I've shot few video clips of our flower show 2016 visit & just now I've composed a video for you all (Like Every-year I Do) :)

Hope You'll enjoy watching the Video that I've made & don't forget to share this Blog Post & My Youtube Video with all your loving friends & family........ This is "Evewin Lakra" feeling Hungry will be back with more & more videos, Product Review & Jamshedpur Videos in the Coming Days.
Peace & Enjoy Your SUNDAY.....!!!

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