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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Evewin Lakra Entry for Yamaha #YamahaFZ25 #NewAgeMacho Contest

Evewin Lakra Entry for Yamaha #YamahaFZ25 #NewAgeMacho Contest (Youtube Video)
How You're Doing Good People, this is your very own
"Evewin Lakra" Entering a New Contest :)

Check out My Entry Video & If you Like the Video then Don't forget to Share it With Your Friends.........!!!!!!!

Enjoy.........!!!!!! :) 

For Me Machoism to is NOT about SPEED its Always about CONTROL

Talking on the Phone while RIDING Your Bike is NOT Machoism to ME

Sometime Decelerating Your Bike to Let the Ambulance Pass is also  Machoism to ME

Stopping Your Bike Before the Zebra Crossing

Respecting Other Riders on the Road while Riding is also a Kind of Machoism

Wearing Protective Gears Like:


Knee Pads/Guards
is also a Machoism

The Most important thing about Machoism is:

Its Not about SHOWING-OFF How You RIDE its all about How You Feel & Its all about the Control You Have on Your Machine thats what Machoism for Me

Machoism to Me is Sharing SMILE with Unknown People

Machoism to Me is about Giving way to Pedestrian to Cross the Road

Machoism to Me is Decelerating your Bike & Let the Pedestrian Cross the Road

Machoism to Me is NOT HONKIING (NO HORNS) on Places nearby:

Wildlife Sanctuaries:

Machoism to Me is Challenging Your LIMITS But NEVER CHALLENGE The NATURE

Machoism to Me is about Your Experience of Riding Your Machine its NOT about The Show-Off

Be a Macho Rider From Inside NOT Just Show-Off

Hope Team Yamaha Will Like My Entry

This is Evewin Lakra Signing Off Peace Ride Slow Ride Safe

& Once Again Congratulations to Yamaha Motor India for the Launch of their New Amazing Bike "Yamaha FZ25" .....YES YAMAHA!!!

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