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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Maggi Hot-Heads Free Offer

Maggi Hot-Heads Free Offer (Youtube Video)

So How You're doing Good People.........Evewin Lakra is back with another Small yet interesting Product review video.........!!!!

watch it to find out more info. about Free Maggi HotHeads Barbeque Pepper Noodles offer from Maggi India.

Few months back I've made another video on Maggi Hot-Heads Noodles at the time it launched in India, if you want you can also check out that video.......!!!!!


MAGGI HotHeads Noodles Video By Evewin Lakra (Youtube Video)

Exciting, never before flavors in your favorite Noodles. Go on and fire up your taste-buds for some spicy deliciousness. Choose your heat from our range.

HotHeads Peri Peri Noodles

Springy, smooth Noodles and delicious, piquant peri peri flavour.

HotHeads Barbeque Pepper Noodles

Deliciously smoky barbeque flavor with a kick of black pepper on springy, smooth Noodles – topped with toasted onions!.

HotHeads Chilli Chicken Noodles

Springy, Smooth Noodles and Chilli chicken spiced up by red chillies and a hint of garlic.

HotHeads Green Chilli Noodles

Springy, smooth noodles topped with the raw awesomeness that is green chilli balanced with spring onion and coriander.

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