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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Google - CRICKET - Doodle - 1st June 2017

Google - CRICKET - Doodle - 1st June 2017 (Youtube Video)

Good Morning Good People, Today is 1st June 2017 & Champions League Cricket 2017 Tournament is Starting from Today & To Mark this Gala Event Google Introduced a New Interactive Doodle which Can be Played.
This Cricket Doodle is Really Well Made & as soon as I Got My Hands on this Doodle I Thought to make a Small Video for You All Enjoy........!!!!!

Evewin Lakra - Google Doodle - Cassini–Huygens - 26th April 2017

Evewin Lakra - Google Doodle - Earth Day - 22nd April 2017  
Google Doodle 7th Dec 2016 340th Anniversary of Determination of The Speed of Light 

Evewin Lakra - Wonderful Christian Wedding on Valentine's Day  
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