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Friday, 30 June 2017

Maggi Amritsari Achari Masala Noodles

Price: Rs. 20

Quantity: 73 Grams

Hello Good People,
Evewin Lakra is Back with another Product Review Video,
This time I'm reviewing a New Noodle Flavour by Maggi India, Its called Maggi Amritsari Achari Noodles,
Do watch the Video to Know more information about this Product: 

Maggi Amritsari Achari Noodles

Taste is Really  Nice
It  Contains  Fennel

Contains Masalas (Spices) of India Namely:
1. Coriander

2. Cumin

3. kalaunji

4. Red Chilli

& Other Spices

Which Normally Pickle Contains

Evewin Lakra is Recommending
Maggi Amritsari Achari Noodles
To All His Viewers

Go & Buy One for yourself before the STOCKS Ends :)

Yellow  Budgie  Bird  13th June 2017  (Youtube Video)

Good Morning Good People  "Evewin Lakra" is back with another Cute video for you all :)

Yesterday (13th  June  2017) Extremely Cute Yellow Budgie Bird came to our house surroundings in the early morning time, She Sat on a Small Plant & we got the opportunity to shoot few pics & Video of this cute little bird..........

Hope You'll Like It, Enjoy........!!!!! & Have a Great Day to All :) 

Nissin Cup Noodles (Mazedaar Masala Flavour)

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Maggi Amritsari Achari Masala Noodles (Youtube Video)

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