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Friday, 20 July 2012

Batman Doomsday

(20th July 2012)

Roughly 20 people killed and more than 50 innocent people wounded  by a Coward Gunman Denver, Aurora Colorado.

He opened fire during a midnight Show of the Batman movie the "Dark Knight Rises,"

(In theater number 9 at the Century 16 Movie Theater.)

The shooter fired between 10-20 shots back to back after the hissing sound that came from the canister of tear gas.

The injured people,covered in blood,were being transported to local hospitals and their ages were around 6 to 31 years.

The Gunman was padded with rifle and handgun along with a bulletproof vest and a riot helmet.

Police arrested the suspect.

Police were also given direction by their chief to search the suspect home.

It was again a very tragic incident happened in America.

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