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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Microsoft latest "File History" feature of Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8, expected to launch in October-november of 2012.
The newest disclosed feature  of win8 is called “File History”

Win8 "File History"  creates a backup of your personal files (contacts, desktop files, my documents, pictures, etc.) by scanning them every hour and saving them to a location of your choice, external hard drive.

You don't have to configure this option, Microsoft has enabled it by default.

Microsoft also give an option to the power user to configure the feature to match their experience.

You can customize how often you want the "File History" feature " to scan your files for changes
(you can choose from every 10 minutes to once a day),

The "File History" feature looks to a good addition to the Windows upcoming OS, as it encourages user to backup their precious Data.

Hope we'll get to see this new feature on Microsoft’s recently announced Surface Tablet in the coming months.

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