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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Facebook among the top 5 "Lowest-scoring companies"

Facebook among the top 5 "Lowest-scoring companies" according to ACSI’s reports that compared 230 companies.

Facebook still dominates the web space with more than 900 million users but ACSI is really telling us that Facebook is the virus we hate,but just can’t kill.

Google+, which has small no. of user size compared to Facebook, listed on the ACSI report with a much higher customer satisfaction score of 78 out of 100. its really a big achievement for the Search Giant team.

17-point difference from Facebook.

The  Google+ gained high marks on these grounds:-
Good commitment to privacy.
Lack of False ads
better mobile experience.
Those surveyed by ACSI expressed hate for Facebook’s Timeline feature, ads and privacy policies.
Facebook’s mobile app needs new improved engine.

According to ACSI....

“If Google+ continues to attract users at an aggressive pace, Facebook will run the risk of losing its main competitive advantage over time,” the ACSI report states.

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