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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Pappu-Sardar Ji Celebrating "Madhuri Dixit's" Birthday 2013.

 Who Is Pappu-Sardar Ji ?
Pappu Ji Is The Biggest Fan of Bollywood/Indian Actress "Madhuri Dixit".
He's The Man Who Is Renowned For Celebrating "Madhuri Dixit" Birthday Every-Year & On The Same Day He Distributes Free Food ( Cooked At His Own Snack Shop )To Public & Spends Time With Needy Children & Distribute Gifts & Free Food Among Them Too. He Is A Man With A Golden Heart Humble,Sweet Spoken ,Warm & Welcoming.
He Truly Teaches Us All How A Joyful Heart Can Spread So Much Happiness Around.

We As A Jamshedpur Citizens.. Adore Him.

Whenever I Go To Sakchi With My Mom I Never Forget To Visit
Pappu Sardar's Manohar-Chat Because Me & My Mom Really Enjoys The Way Scrumptious Chat (Indian Savory Snacks) Prepared By This Wonderful Shop Which Has Expert Cook To Make Amazing Indian Delicacies.

On 14th May 2013 I Went To His Shop With My Mom To Eat The "Samosa-Chat" At That Time The Shop Was Looking Little Bit Different Because...
It Was 14th May 2013 (One Day Before "Madhuri Dixit's" Birthday)
Not Only Manohar-Chat Shop But Also The Streets Were Decorated With Flowers & Big Posters Of "Madhuri Dixit" So Cool !

Just After When Me & My Mom Finished Eating The "Samosa-Chat" It Was My Luck That Mr.Pappu Sardar Ji Just Entered His Shop & I Greeted Him With Namaste (Hello) We Congratulated Him For His Great Work.

He Told My Mom That He Has Written A Small Poem About Water On The Occasion Of "Madhuri Dixit's" Birthday & Suddenly He Gave Us The Pamplet In Which He Describes His Thoughts About Conservation Of Water.
He's A Man With A Mission !!!
According To Me This Is A Great Way To Educate People About Saving Water.
Pappu Sardar Ji Not Only Educated People By Giving His Pamplet But Also He Gave "Earthhern-Pot" To The People Of Jamshedpur Who Visited His Shop On The Occasion Of "Madhuri Dixit's" Birthday (On 15th May 2013) He Cut The Cakes At Cheshire Home (Charity) Jamshedpur And Also Distributed Sweets & Gifts To Not Only To The Kids But Also To People Of All Ages.

Evewin Lakra Final Words:
We Must Salute The Man Who Is Not Only A Fan Of A Star ("Madhuri Dixit") But He Himself Is A Star Because The Way He Expresses His Love For What He Does.. Is Super Inspirational & Contagious!

Thankyou "Pappu Sardar Ji" For Doing A Job That Only One In A Million Can Do & Because Of People Like You Our City "Jamshedpur" Is A Better Place To Be !
I Forgot To Mention On 14th May 2013 I Forgot My Digicam At Home So I Shot The Pic With My Cell Phone (1.3MP Camera)
Then Again It Doesn't Matter I'm Still Very Happy Because I Got The Opportunity To Stand Beside Pappu Sardar Ji. (A Man With The Golden Heart)
 So Here's Wishing The Ever-Beautiful "Madhuri Dixit " A Very Joyous Birthday & My Heartfelt Prayers & Wishes For The Star Of Our City "Pappu Sardar Ji" !
Pics Shot By Evewin Lakra
Article Written By Dolly Lakra & Evewin Lakra.

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