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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Samsung Fridge Compressor Not Starting Problem Solved.

I Have One Double-Door Samsung Fridge/Refrigerator Which Is Somewhat New.

(Purchased It Around 6-7 Years Back) But Not Used It Much & Thats Why I'm Saying,Its New :)

Few Days Back I "Switched-On" My Fridge & I Was Really Amazed To Find Out That The Fridge Started Without Any Noise.

I Opened The Door Of My Samsung Fridge And Found Out That Its Light Was Glowing.

But When I Opened The Upper Compartment (The freezer compartment) Of My Fridge,I Found Out That There Was No Sound Of The Fan Coming From It.

Then I Thought Why This Is Happening ?

So I Switched-Off My Samsung Fridge/Refrigerator And Again Switched It On But The Result Is Same.
(I Did This Process Many Times But No Success)

(No Sound) Means (Compressor Not Starting) I Searched For Solutions On The Internet But None Of The Sloutions Were Working.

Firstly I Thought It May Be The Problem Of My Samsung Fridge "Relay" (Which May Have Gone Bad) Thus Its Preventing The Fridge From Starting.

So I Tried To Remove The "Relay" But Samsung Tech Engineers Have Done A
Marvelous Job In Designing The Lower Back Compartment
(Where The Compressor,"Relay" Etc Resides) "So Narrow" That Its Really Hard To Remove The "Relay" Easily (I Hate These Type Of Companies Who Always Make It Tough For Its Customers To "Fix Their Hard Earned Product" Very Easily)
They Want "YOU" To Call Their Lame Customer Care Service So That They'll Charge You Some Heavy Bucks To Fix Your Appliances
(Even Though The Problem Is Very Small They'll Charge You The Same)

Later I Thought It May Be The Problem With The "FAN" Which Resides In The Freezer Compartment So I Tried To Remove The Plastic Compartment Of The Freezer But After Opening All The Screws Also The Freezer Compartment Was Not Coming Out I Checked All The Notches & All The Corner But It Was Not Working I Was Only Able To Remove It Half Way.

(My This Action Also Went Down)
So I Again Bolted All The Screws Back

I Was Really Frustrated Because All My Efforts To Fix My Fridge Was Not Working.

Then All Of A Sudden I Remeber One Guy Who Is A Local Fridge Mechanic I Went To His Place Then Told Him My Fridge Problem He Said He'll Send His Other Guy To My House After Sometime To Fix My Fridge But I Insisted That I Want Him To Fix My Fridge Then He Agreed & He Came To My House With Me (On My Bike) After Looking At The Fridge He Switched The Power On But No Sound Of The Compressor I.E. Fridge Was Not Starting He Then Switched-Off The Power.
He Bent Down & Did Some "Magic-Trick" & Now When He Switched On The Power "Presto" I Heard The Sound Of The Compressor,
My Fridge Started I Felt Relief That My Problem Is Now Solved.

I Asked My Fridge Mechanic What Was The Problem & He Was So Kind That He Explained Me Roughly That Somtimes The Fridge Timer Gets Stuck & That Was My Case & Because Of This My Fridge Was Not Starting.

He Then Showed Me What To Do If In Future I Face The Same Problem.

In Samsung Fridge The Timer-Control Box Is Located In The Top-Left Corner
(On The Lower-Back Side Of Your Fridge Where The Compressor Resides)

Its A "Square Shape Box" With A Button (Jog) Which You Have To Rotate Once Or Twice To Solve This Kind Of Problem.

I'm Really Thankful To That Mechanic Who Solved My Fridge Starting Problem.

He Charged Me Less & He Also Told Me The Trick Of How To Fix My Fridge If In Future I Experience Similar Problem.

And That Is Why I Shared My Experience With You All.

Later Also I Faced 2-3 Times Similar Problem But The Solution Remained The Same.

Now My Fridge Is Working Good.

I Was Just Thinking If I Would Have Called The Authorized Guys From Samsung To Fix My Fridge,How Much Amount They Would Have Charged Me To Fix My Fridge.
May Be A Larger Amount Because Authorized People Are The Same People Who Do All Kinds Of Unauthorized Jobs.  :)

((( Do Remember )))

1st Try Your Level Best To Fix Your Stuffs Yourself
(Because You Are The One Who Care For Your Stuffs More Than Any Other Outsider)
& If You're Unable To Fix Your Stuffs Yourself Then There Are Many Talented + Good Mechanics Out There Who Are More Experienced Than The People Employed By The Authorized Service Stations.
Hire Them Instead Of The Authorized Service Stations Guys Who Will Always Charge You With Large Bills For Small Fixes.

Do Watch My Video About
"Samsung Fridge Compressor Not Starting Problem Solved"
To Find Visual Description Of My Problem & Solution.

& Do Remember To Share This Article/Video To Your Friends & Family To Educated Them If They Face Similar Kind Of Problem.

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    1. Thankyou so much for your appreciation I always make videos & do blog post of things which I know so that more and more people can be Benefited.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience with refrigerator. I am also using double door fridge and i will keep in mind such kind of things.

    1. Thankyou for your appreciation.....:)
      Best of luck with your double door fridge.
      Hope it'll serve you many years.

    2. Thanks a lot!
      Before buying this double door refrigerator i explore all its technical specification in detail and also explore the durability. Hopefully this will last for many years.

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  5. Hence, it is best to avoid any kind of personal injury to yourself. Rather consult with a professional expert or hire a repairing service provider. Why? A professional repairing service provider is well aware about the technical parts attached to the refrigerator. Hence, he can identify the technical problem easily. true refrigeration parts

    1. To fix this issue I was not Injured.
      I've called the LOCAL Fridge mechanic & he Solved my Problem & he also told me the trick to Solve it.
      (& then I've shared the Secret-Trick to SOLVE this "Samsung Fridge Compressor Not Starting Problem" to the World to help everyone who face similar problem as the Solution doesn't require any Technical or Life RISK.
      Hope many people were benefited with the Solution I've provided in this BLOG POST & the Solution Video I've created to solve this Problem,
      & I'll continue to help innocent people of the world with whatever I've learn from my experiences in LIFE.

      Peace & Enjoy!!!!!

  6. Wonderful post and was very good to read and gain experience. Refrigerator cooling issue is a common problem. It might be due to leakage of gas. Many times people use sharp things to break the ice in the freezer and this also releases the gas. Your post shows how to clear the issue and thanks again for that. We are Whirlpool service centers in Chennai and blogs like these are very useful for our service team.

    1. Thanks for Appreciating My Work:

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  7. Very good blog. It is so much helpful because to study online and upgrade ourselves is the best way to keep gaining knowledge. Our Godrej service centers in Chennai has many technicians who go online to clear many doubts regarding refrigerator service. Very useful. Keep writing more.

    1. Thanks for Appreciating My Work:

      Don't forget to Hit That Subscribe Button (Its Free) on My Youtube Channel:

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