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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Vadilal Gourmet Review By Evewin

My Best Solution To Beat Summer Is To Gorge On  Plenty Of Delicious Ice Creams :)
So Today I'll Be Reviewing One Of The Delicious Ice Creams Delicacies.

Ice-Cream Name
Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon"

Now exeperience the heavenly pleasures on earth with
Vadilal's Gourmet.
Made With the finest quality ingredients,
Its rich and creamy texture in an excellent
way to treat your taste buds.

Vadilal Gourmet Ice-Creams Are Available Seven Exotic Flavours:

1. Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon"
2. Vadilal Gourmet "Praline N Creme"
3. Vadilal Gourmet "Silk Chocolate"
4. Vadilal Gourmet "Pistachio Almond Fudge"
5. Vadilal Gourmet "Belgian Chocolate"
6. Vadilal Gourmet "Java Chips"
7. Vadilal Gourmet "Wild Strawberry"

Yesterday While Coming Home From The Market I Bought One Tub Of
Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon" From My Friend's Shop.

The Flavour Of Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon" Is Really Nice Especially If You Love Classic Ice-Cream Flavours Like "Vanilla , Strawberry, Or Chocolate.

Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon" Has A Fine Blend Of Chocolate And Vanilla Flavour Which Gives Rich Taste To This Delicacy.

Everyone In My Home Loved This Ice-Cream And Just Now I Slurped Down My Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon"& I'm Looking Forward To My Next Vadilal Gourmet Feast In The Coming Days :)

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These Are The Two Great Proverbs I Must Say When I Talk About Ice-Creams.

“I Doubt Whether The World Holds For AnyOne A More Soul-Stirring Surprise Than The First Adventure With Ice-Cream” ~Heywood C. Broun

“You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For Ice-Cream” ~ American Proverb Quote

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