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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Chef-Christon DOSA

Chef-Christon DOSA

Dosa Is A Fermented Crepe Or Pancake
Made From Rice Batter And Black Lentils.

Dosa is a staple dish
in the southern Indian states of
Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh,
Tamil Nadu and Kerala,
as well as its Very popular
in Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Dosas Are Very Thin And Crispy.

Its Rich In Protein
(Because It Contains Rice And Lentils)
And its Very Easy To make.

Ingredients To Make Dosa Batter:
2:1:1 Mixture Of
White Rice + Urad dhal And Suji (A.K.A. Rava)

1 Cup Rice
Half Cup Urad dhal
Half Cup Suji (A.K.A. Rava)

Note: Its Not Mandatory
To Add Suji (A.K.A. Rava)
To Make Dosa Batter,
You Can Make Batter
With The Mixture Of
White Rice + Urad dhal
It'll Also Work :)

Procedure To Make Dosa Batter:

Step 1.
Soak the 3
ingredients in cold water
for Around 3 hours.

Step 2.
Drain Off The Water
And Grind Both Rice And Dal
To A Fine Texture.
(note: As you are grinding,
add water until you have
a batter-like consistency).

Step 3.
Cover The Mixture
Leave It For At Least 4-5 Hours.

Step 4.
Heat The Pan
(Use a non-stick frying pan)
Or Else
Use Thick Flat Tawa.

Step 5.
Brush The Pan With Little Oil
Now Pour Some Batter
In The Middle Of The Pan
And Start To Rotate Your Spoon Slowly
In Circular Motion
To Make The Dosa In Round Shape.

Step 6.
After Some Time Check Under Your Dosa.
If Your Dosa Turned
Light Brown Color Underneath
Its The Sign Your Dosa Has Been Cooked.

Step 7.
Flip The Dosa
Cook For About 15-20 Seconds
On The Non-Cooked Side.

Step 8.
Add The Filling
(Mashed Potato Mixture)
To Your Dosa.

And Your Healthy
Home-Cooked Delicious Dosa
Is Ready To Be Enjoyed.

Ingredients To Make Filling
"Mashed Potato Mixture" For Your Dosa:

Boiled And Mashed Potato
(Medium Size 4 Piece)

(Medium Size 2 Piece)

Finely Diced Carrot
(optional) (2 or 3)

Mustard seeds
(1 Tea Spoon)

Turmeric Powder
(1 Tea Spoon)

Chopped Or Crushed Ginger
(Small Piece)

Green Chillies.

Curry Leaves
(3-4 Sprigs)

2 Tablespoon Vegetable Edible Oil.

Salt To Taste

Step 1.
Heat Vegetable Edible Oil In A Pan.

Step 2.
Add Mustard seeds.

Step 3.
Once The Mustard Seeds
Start To Crackle Now Add:
Curry Leaves

Step 4.
Add Onions,Finely Diced Carrot
And Green Chillies.

Step 5.
Stir And Cook For About 3-4 Minutes.

Step 6.
Now Add Boiled
Nicely Mashed Potato.

Step 7.
Add 1 Tea Spoon
Turmeric Powder
(For Natural Color & Gorgeous Taste)

Step 8
Now Add A Nice Balanced
Seasoning Of Salt.

Step 9
Add Very Little Water
So That All The Ingredients
Are Mixed And Cooked Well.

Step 10
Cook For About
7-8 Minutes On Low Heat.

Your Filling
"Mashed Potato Mixture"
For Your Dosa Is Ready To Be Stuffed.


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