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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Chef-Christon Simple Smoked Corn Recipe.


Simply Peel-Off The Green
Leafy layer And Place
The Corn Directly On The Flames.

Rotate It Regularly
Until Everyside Is Uniformly Cooked.

Remove From The Flames.

Serve Hot With
Fresh Lemon Slice Rubbed On
Season It With Little Salt.

"No Ghee No Butter No Oil"
No Other Fatty Ingredients Needed.

"It'll Taste Awesome
That I Can Guarantee"

Enjoy Your
"Smoked Corn"
Prepared Just In 5-8 Minutes.

((( Health-Benefits )))

Corn one of the most popular
and versatile vegetables & is also
a very good source of several nutrients.

Corn is high in fiber.

Corn is a vital source of several vitamins
Such as vitamin C, Niacin, and folic acid.

Its Best To Make
Smoky Corn Recipe
(Small Indian Tandor)
Earthen Cook Stoves

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