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Monday, 9 September 2013

Evewin Lakra 2nd Time Talk With The Technical Department Of SOI (Survey Of India) Regarding Google Mapathon 2013 Result

Date: 9th September 2013
Time: 11.19 A.M.

Subject: Why SOI Is Stopping Google
To Post The Result Of
Google India Mapathon 2013 Contest.

The Name Of The Contest: Google Maps Mapathon 2013
Duration Of The Contest:
"Began In 11th Feb 2013"
"Ended On 25th March 2013"
"Results Was Supposed TO Be Declared On 23rd July 2013"

Hello Everybody Today I Again Talked With The Technical Department Of SOI And Asked Them Why SOI Is Stopping Google To Post The Result Of Google India Mapathon 2013 Contest.

Today Also Again I Got The Same Reply From Them.

"SOI Has Not Stopped Google To Post The Result Of Mapathon Contest"

To Give A Proof That I'm Not Lying:
Listen To This Audio Clip:

(Evewin Lakra 2nd Time Talk With The Technical Department Of SOI Audio)

So Now Whats Your Views About Google India Map Team Who Conducted This Mapathon Contest ?

"Hope Atleast One Member From Google India Team Will Hear What The SOI
(Survey Of India) Said About The Result"

As The Contest Ended Many Months Back And The Participarts Are Really Feeling Sad About The Attitude Which Google India Is Showing To The Hard Working Contestents.

"When You Ask Question About The Result In Google Map Forums"

People Working For Google Starts To Blame SOI For The Delay In Result And Tell Its Participants To Contact SOI Youself And When You Say You Talked With SOI And They Don't Have Anything To Do With The Results They Won't Reply.
And To Take The Matter Far More Interesting,All The Data Which The Hard Working Participants Added During The Period Of Google Indian Mapathon 2013 Contest Is Live And Google + People Are Already Benefited With Our Efforts & In Reply This Is What Google Has To Offer To The Participants Who Corrected And Made Google Indian Maps Far Far Better Than It Was Before The Mapathon Contest.

"Finally I Conculde By Saing A Small Note To Google Indian Team Who Actually Conducted This Contest"

"Please Delete All The Data Which We Participants Added To "Google Maps" During The Contest And Never Conduct Such Type Of Fake Contest.

"We Participants Had Enough Of The Lame Excuses Which Google People Give"

& Now We Know That We'll Never Get The Rewards Which Was Promissed By Google But Just For The Consolation prize I Request Google India To Remove Each And Every Bit Of Data Collected During Google India Mapathon 2013 Contest.

If You Do This The Participants Won't File Any Case Against Google India Or Any Case Against These People Working For Google Who Were Involved In This Mapathon Contest.


Prasanna Natarajan
(Program Manager)

Jayanth Mysore
(Product Manager)
Google+ Profile Link
Google Map Maker Link

Satyan Coorg
(Eng. Manager)

Pavithra Kanakarajan
(Product Manager,Google Map Maker)

Anand srinivasan
(Map Maker Engineer, Bangalore)
(Lead In The Map Maker Team)
(He's Been With The Map Maker For The Past 5 Years)

Lalitesh Katragadda
(Country Head India Product,Google)

Nadeem Ahmed
(Map Maker Operations Lead,Hyderabad)

These Are The Guys Who Conducted The Indian Mapathon 2013 Contest Hangout And Promoted The Participants To Map More.
They Are Mainly Responsible For The Delay In The Result Of Mapathon Contest And These Are The Person Who Are Liable To Give Valid Answers To All The Honest Contestents Of Google Mapathon Contest.

Hope This Post Solved Many Questions Related To The Problems Of Google India Mapathon 2013 Contest.

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