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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Solved Puzzles.

Good Afternoon, good people, today is sunday 10th April 2016, so I thought to write-up a blog-post relating to Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Again ?

Hey Evewin We've already read your Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) post which you've Posted long time back (on Date:26th OCTOBER 2015) so why you're again Posting about the same "SUBJECT" ? 

For all those who have not yet read that Blog-Post I request you all to read it:
Here's the Link

The Best Android Game of All Time. Peg solitaire, Brainvita
 Posted on Date:
26th OCTOBER 2015.

In that blog-post I've Promised my readers that one day I'll Post the Solutions to the "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Games" which was left "UN-SOLVED" by the creator of that Peg-solitaire android version game "Specially LEVEL-12 Games", which I've solved by investing a lot of time & effort.
& now the day has come for me to Post my Solutions on:
My Blog:
My Youtube channel:

 so that everyone who love this wonderful game will be happy.

"After all I belong to the same city where Mr.Ratan-Tata
(Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons)
has a Strong business connection"
i.e. "Jamshedpur" (Jharkhand)

& as his inspiring statement goes (During the launch of the world's cheapest car ( Tata NANO ) in the year "2008")

"A Promise is a Promise"
~Ratan Tata

So I've to keep my Promise to provide "SOLUTIONS" to the "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Games" to my readers

NOTE:Let me inform you all that the Solutions I'll be posting here is not COPIED or work of any other people, its my own (Evewin Lakra) hard-work & efforts, You won't find the "SOLUTIONS" to these "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Game" Puzzles anywhere else on the Internet.
I'm sure about this because I've already checked it & have not found the solutions to these Super-Tough Puzzles.

What I hope from my Blog-Readers.
Readers of this blog should:
My Youtube channel: 
so that it'll help me to make more videos for you all.

I'll be posting the "SOLVED-PUZZLES of these Super-Tough Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Game" in PARTS:

Because there are many "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Games" which I've SOLVED (may be 150+) so its not possible for me to make/create the "SOLUTIONS" videos & upload it to my youtube channel so quickly.

But Slowly-Slowly I'll be posting all the "Solutions" by "UPDATING" this BLOG-Post on Regular Intervals.

So don't forget to Visit this BLOG-Post again & again to find out the UPDATED Puzzle Solutions of the "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Games"

I would Like to thank my MOM (Mrs.Pushpa Lakra) & my sister who have helped me to solve few toughest puzzles in which I got STUCK.
In my entire "Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Games" SOLUTIONS videos:
They've also SOLVED (Like 10-20) Puzzles out of 150+

That being said.....You can now Call:
"Evewin Christon Lakra" as The KING of Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita)

After Watching my Solutions The court of Louis XIV Claude Auguste Berey of Anne de Rohan-Chabot, "Princess of Soubise" (Would be Proud of "Evewin Lakra")

Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Game Solved By Evewin Lakra PART-1.
(Contains 20 Solved Puzzles by Evewin Lakra)

Puzzles Solved Videos Included in PART-1:

Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Game-1 Solved
Toughest Peg-Solitaire (Brainvita) Game-20 Solved.

Toughest Peg-Solitaire Game
Solved By Evewin on Nexus 4
(Solved On:4th Oct 2015)


Toughest Peg-Solitaire Game
Solved By Evewin on Nexus 4
(Solved On:12th April 2014)


Toughest Peg-Solitaire Game
Solved By Evewin on Nexus 4
(Solved On:12th April 2014)
2nd Puzzle Solved on Same Day.

Toughest Peg-Solitaire Game
Solved By Evewin on Nexus 4
(Solved On:5th Feb 2015)


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