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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet Review

Whats up good people, so today is Sunday 17th April 2016 & I'm back with another Product Review Blog Post.

This time I'll be reviewing about a product which is very closely related to BIKES.

Product Name:
Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet.

Introduction to FZ-Series Helmet :
Yamaha motor india in collaboration with Steelbird introduced a new range of "Helmets" to suit the over-all design & look of its reliable line of bikes (FZS-Fi Version 2.0

To make things more interesting Yamaha & Steelbird has put a lot of effort in graphics design department of FZ-Series Helmets & have gained many thumbs-up from pro-bikers all over India because of the cool design of these helmets.

These Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet is a must buy for people, specially for bikers who like to match their BIKES with their Helmet.

Always buy ISI Mark helmet.

For me its really a good helmet coz for just Rs.1320 INR.(Indian Rupee)
you are getting a quality ISI (Indian Standard Institute) Mark Helmet.
which not focuses on good looks but also ensures optimum safety though the weight of this helmet is very less compared to any other helmets I've used before. (Wrangler, etc) 

Today only I've shot a small Review video about Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet & just now I've uploaded that video to my Youtube Channel If you want, you can check my "Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet review" video to know more about this product. 

Yamaha-Steelbird FZ-Series Helmet Specification

ISI Mark Helmet:

Design: Registration No:


XL 600MM.

Rs.1320 INR (As of 14th April 2016)

What I like about this helmet:

(Though its STICKER (Not PAINT)
but the Graphics in this Heltmet
Looks very cool)

(The Helmet weight is very less)

Simple to wear & open
(Simple Locking-Strap)

(Price-wise its a Good Deal)

Though its written in the description of this helmet that the
Plastic-Visor is "Scratch-Resistance" but in REALITY, its NOT, the Plastic-VISOR gets "Scratched" very easily. 

Final Verdict:
Thumbs-UP to "Yamaha & Steelbird" for making this FZ Series Helmet which definitely suits the FZ-Bikes "Specially The Newer FZS Fi Version 2.0 Series Bikes.

So What do you guys think ?
Do Helmet Really Save Lives on INDIAN-ROADS ? :)

I'll tell you the ANSWER in my future video.

I'll be reviewing one more helmet (Modular Helmet) which is produced by the same brand "Yamaha-Steelbird" but its little bit COSTLY helmet. currently its Packed in its ORIGINAL BOX.
Don't worry I'll opening it very soon & tell you all how that
(Modular Helmet) performs in comparison with this simple helmet.

Peace & Enjoy your sunday.

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