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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Hero-Honda CD-Dawn Clutch-Plate Replacement By Evewin Lakra.

Step 1.
REMOVE The Engine OIL.

Step 2. 
Open The Clutch Compartment

Step 3.

Remove The Old (Bad Clutch)

Step 4. 
Install the (New-Clutch)

What's Up Good People ?
Its been very Hot climate here in my place,Praying for the rainfall to strike & calm the Temperature little bit.

So for time being, Lets Start Blogging.

Today I'll be writing about my Hero-Honda CD-Dawn Motorcycle Clutch-Plate Replacement.
Actually My 100cc CD-Dawn Motorcycle is around 9 Years Old.
My mom Got it in the year 2006 & as of now (14th April 2016)
(It Covered Around 35000 Kilometer)

In the month of January 2016 I was experiencing
"Slipping Clutch", "Occasional Gear-Shifting Problem" (Sometime Bike "Kick" started to Slip while Starting the bike for the 1st time)
& "very Low Pick-up" in my very old CD-Dawn Motorcycle, so I knew it was the "CLUTCH" that is responsible for such problems in my bike.
While coming from the market place I saw HERO-Honda authorized Service-Camp-Stall near the Sonari (Jamshedpur) Post-Office Area.
I asked one mechanic over there about my bike problem & he also suggested to change the "CLUTCH" as its the only "SOLUTION" for my bike problem, I asked him about the approx-COST of "HERO-HONDA A.K.A. Hero Moto Corp CD-Dawn "Clutch-Plate" Replacement"
he said its around Rs.1000 (Including Labor Charge)

I went home & thought should I change the "CLUTCH-Plate" from the authorized Hero-Honda Service Center or should I change the "Clutch" from OUTSIDE (Local-Mechanic) whom I know.
I decided, if the Local-Mechanic Charge for changing the clutch is Rs.500+ then I'll be changing the Clutch from the Hero-Honda Authorized Service Center (which is located near circuit-house area) Sonari Jamshedpur & if his charge is below Rs.500 (Including The Price of CD-Dawn New "CLUTCH" + Labour Charge) then I'll be changing the "Clutch" from the (Local-Mechanic).
My Local-mechanic told me he have Two-Brands of "CLUTCH" for my "CD-Dawn" bike.
"CLUTCH-Plate" No.1

"CLUTCH-Plate" No.2.
Hero-Honda authorized Clutch-Plate (which the authorized Service Center uses)

out of these two, He said the price of Bosch-Brand "Clutch-Plate" is little bit less compared to the price of "CLUTCH-Plate" No.2.

But currently he don't have the "CLUTCH-Plate" No.2.
(which the authorized Service Center uses) so I have to come tomorrow if I want to install authorized Service Center "CLUTCH-Plate"

I asked him how the "CLUTCH-Plate" No.1
(Bosch-Brand) performs in terms of Durability & Reliability ?

After taking my bike for a TEST-Run for about 5-10 minutes,
he said the Bosch-Brand "CLUTCH-Plate" is also good, my bike will definitely run much better with the NEW "CLUTCH-Plate" installed as my OLD "CLUTCH-Plate" is completely WORN out & that is why I was not getting POWER & Pick-up in my 100cc trusted bike.

I asked him how much time it will take to change the "CLUTCH-Plate" ?
He said, approx 1:30 hours.

Then I decided to go ahead with the "CLUTCH-Plate" Change.

I called my mom that I'll be late because its a time taking process & the bike right-hand side ("CLUTCH" Compartment") have to be opened completely to changed the bad-clutch with the new one.
the mechanic suggested me If I want I can go home for my lunch, I told him I came to his shop after eating 2-3 Rotis & I'm not hungry :)

then he went ahead & gave the job of changing the "CLUTCH-Plate" of my bike to his "SENIOR" mechanic whose name is "Baiju" (he was wearing Castrol Brand T-Shirt)

that "SENIOR" mechanic "Baiju" started to open the ("CLUTCH" Compartment") & I was talking to him about functions of clutch,
by looking at the Speed of Mr."Baiju" "SENIOR" mechanic, I thought he's little bit SLOW in opening the ("CLUTCH" Compartment") but later on I have to admit I was wrong, he's a type of mechanic who work on bikes Slowly but nicely.
To make the procedure of opening the "CLUTCH" Compartment" easier he even removed the "SILENCER" and "KICK" of my bike, which gave him more room to UN-BOLT the NUTS which held the "CLUTCH" Compartment" Cover.
once the "CLUTCH" Compartment" Cover was opened, I was thrilled to see so much mechanical-Parts over there, from tiny "SPRINGS" to Pale-Dirty Yellowish Looking Old Worn-Out "CLUTCH" Plate + So many Gears type of metal parts, awesome "Engineering" by TEAM-HONDA (30-year of Trust in INDIA) Simple for mechanics to fix.

He removed the OLD-"CLUTCH" but before putting the new one,
he have to manually remove the OLD Packing (Gasket) the seal which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects.

from the "CLUTCH" Compartment" cover,he was doing his job very Slowly, so I decided to Speed up the Clutch-Changing process
I was also helping him, while removing the OLD Packing (Gasket) with my own BLADE I cut my finger, then I agreed he was not SLOW but he was doing his job with caution & safety, thankfully I always carry a band-aid with me ( I applied the band-aid to my bleeding finger) and I continue to remove the OLD Packing (Gasket) but this time I'm Slow and cautious and finally OLD Packing (Gasket) is removed and then he installed the new Packing (Gasket) + New Bosch-Brand "CLUTCH-Plate" in my CD-Dawn bike.
Bolted back the "CLUTCH" Compartment Cover, re-filled the Engine with the engine-oil (which he removed before opening the "CLUTCH" Compartment)
then bolted back the "SILENCER" and KICK & my bike was ready to be TESTED with the NEW CLUTCH.
After replacement of the "CLUTCH" it took 2-3 kicks to start my bike & then its time for me to TEST-Ride it.
the moment I Changed the Gear from "Neutral" to "Gear-one" & was releasing the "CLUTCH" to move ahead, I was feeling like I'm sitting in a NEW-HORSE right now, its like my 100cc bike has been transformed into a 150cc bike, MAGIC :)
yes its the MAGIC of my new (Bosch-Brand) Clutch Plate.
(Don't worry you can trust "Evewin Lakra" as I don't promote Brands whose Product are bad)
Kudos to my new Bosch-Clutch Plate & thankyou Sir. Robert Bosch
(A German industrialist, engineer and inventor, founder of Robert Bosch GmbH)

by the way I forgot to tell you the TOTAL-Cost of my CD-Dawn Clutch-Plate Replacement by my "Local-Mechanic" with new Bosch Brand Clutch Plate turned out to be approx Rs.500 (Including new Gasket + Labor Charge) & I'm happy with my Bike performance.

My next CD-Dawn bike maintenance will be:
"Engine Oil Change"

I'll be putting (Castrol-Power-1) on my bike as currently its been using authorized Hero-Honda-4-Stroke engine oil, once I've used (Castrol-Power-1) many years back on my CD-Dawn bike & it was an awesome choice because it made my bike much smoother & more fun to ride, the drawback of (Castrol-Power-1) its EXPENSIVE engine oil but last time It lasted for more than a Year.


Hope You've enjoyed reading my CD-Dawn Clutch-Plate Replacement blog Post.
If you want you can check my youtube video about my CD-Dawn Clutch-Plate Replacement (which I've uploaded to my youtube channel 30 days back)
Peace & Love to all.


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