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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Disney-Land Mela Aam-Bagan Sakchi Jamshedpur

Good Afternoon good people, today is "Wednesday" 18th May 2016. Evewin Lakra is back with another Blog Post.
this time I'll be writing about our city LOCAL fair.

Fair Name: Disney Land 2016 at Jamshedpur
Venue: Aam Bagan Maidan (Jamshedpur)
Coordinates:   22°48'27"N   86°12'14"E

so let the fun begins.

On 28th April 2016 the climate of jamshedpur was Extremely-HOT. So me & my mom decided to goto "Disney Land" which is a yearly fair. At the evening time around 7:00 P.M. we got ready and started our bike journey to reach the venue of this fair i.e. Aam Bagan Maidan,
we took the Marine-Drive route (its a Dangerous route Because the DUMB-Heads of INDIA, ride their vehicle at a very High Speed at this route) but this route is straight so we were travelling on our bike "Slowly" & we reached Aam Bagan Maidan in around 12-15 minutes.
Aam Bagan Maidan where disney land is hosted is in close proximity to Bengal-Club (Misti Fast Food And Sweets shop)
To my Surprise after such a long time Bengal-Club (Sakchi) Rejuvenated to a good solid Clean building otherwise it used to look like an ancient structure which was left alone without any proper maintenance work.

Parked my bike & we headed towards the ticket counter,
bought 2 tickets (one for me & the other for my mom)
Disney Land 2016 at Jamshedpur:
Ticket Price: Rs.10/ for 1 Ticket.

 We moved towards the Entrance of Disney-Land and it was decorated wonderfully by thousands of tiny L.E.D. lights.
they made "Parrots" at the Entrance Gate of Disney-Land 2016.
By the way I love Parrots.

No one Should Cage Free flying birds.

We went ahead & the 1st thing we noticed was the "Carpets Rugs and Doormats" stall, after that we saw many stalls selling Clothes Like T-Shirts,Nighty, Cooler, kids DVD's Jewlery & bangles stalls Etc.

Oh Yes we also witnessed the Treadmark stall of Disney-Land Aam-Bagan Sakchi Jamshedpur i.e. The Pop-Corn Stall :)

My mom is very fond of Tea-cups so she went to the Tea-Cup stall & was selecting the Tea-Cups to buy while I was capturing the glimpsed of Disney-Land on my mobile phone.
so we went further to check what more Disney-Land 2016 has to offer to the citizen of Jamshedpur & was thrilled to see a stall Labeled as "Udan" which was selling food products such as Papad, friams,Chips,etc
The moment I saw "Banana-Chips" over there I purchased it because of 2-Reasons:


Reason No.1
"Banana-Chips" is my Favorite.

Reason No.2
They were selling Fresh "Banana-Chips" at a reasonable cost (Rs.30, otherwise the price of "Banana-Chips" in the market is high.)

Eg. In the market you'll find "Banana-Chips" at Rs.40-45 For Small Packet that too will not be very Fresh.
& in Disney-Land Mela Aam-Bagan Sakchi Jamshedpur They were selling the same quantity with Fresh Chips at a Low Price so Kudos to "Udan" Stall. 

After purchasing the banana chips we went ahead and saw "Magic Stall" selling Magical Items, we also witnessed the few other stalls selling house hold items then we moved towards the END location which was populated with RIDES eg.
1. Dragon Ride.
2.Bike Ride.
3.Merry Go Round.

Then we decided to leave for our home we took the "Jubilee Park" route while coming back but later changed the route because many cops were busy BLOCKING THE GATE of "Jubilee Park" for "Helmet-Checking"
in other words Harassing Jamshedpur Citizens in the NAME of SAFE-RIDING.

Currenty in Jamshepdur City The Cops Are Busy Cutting Traffic Challans to eveybody who don't were Helmet.

The Cops & traffic Police are actually unaware of the no. of deaths India has in Road Accident. 

1214+ Road Crashes occur EVERY-DAY in India.
(Statistics Source:NDTV)

If Traffic Challans decreased the no. of road accident in India then the no. of road accident in India would have decrease but in Reality I Think The Jamshedpur Police is Harassing Jamshedpur Citizens in the NAME of SAFE-RIDING i.e HELMET is not Changing accident rates coz its a FLOP Policy of the Indian Government.  

HEMET Don't Save Life on INDIAN ROADS.

This is "Evewin Lakra" Question to Jamshedpur TRAFFIC POLICE.

Why India has one of the Highest No. of Road Accident even though you people are "FORCING" everyone to WEAR HELMET ? 

Answer: DRIVING Vehicle or RIDING Bike is an ART, If you FORCE it on your CITIZEN you'll never succeed in bring the no. of Road Accidents DOWN.
THE DUMB Jamshedpur TRAFFIC POLICE who them-self don't know how to RIDE BIKE & CAR are given JOB to Harassing Jamshedpur Citizens in the name of HELMET.

These are the 2 HOT Places Where Jamshedpur TRAFFIC POLICE
is Harassing Jamshedpur Innocent Citizens in the name of HELMET.

Place No.1
Bistupur Main GolChakkar.

Place No.2
Jubilee Park GATE.

i.e. if a person ride his bike SLOW but he was not Wearing a HELEMT,
Jamshedpur POLICE will Treat him like a "CRIMINAL" & ask them to pay Rs.300-500 as a Challan & then they are ready to Go otherwise You'll be treated like you've killed a person from your BIKE.

On the other hand you must have heard many cases in India in which a RICH Person Son (Eg.Police,Politician,Business-man) Killed innocent people on the road by his HIGH-SPEED Vehicle DRIVING & he gets bailed the very next DAY.
This is what MONEY do to INDIAN RULES.

This is one of the DUMBEST POLICY of INDIAN Traffic Rules which Teaches People Not the ART of Driving but the ART of ESCAPING from your CRIME by the FORCE of MONEY.

I'll be writing a BLOG post TITLED as "HEMET Don't Save Life on INDIAN ROADS" soon to help the innocent citizen of my CITY Jamshedpur tackle the day to day happenings we as a RIDER/Citizen face because of such mindless rules.

Hope you've enjoyed this BLOG POST.
Thankyou to my readers and PEACE to all.

Evewin Lakra.
(Google Map-Maker: Jamshedpur Jharkhand India)
(Out Of 75000 Participants) I was Ranked Around 20 Or 21 Which is still not cleared,because Google India Map Maker Team Didn't List Our Rankings.
(Though We've Got Our Very Hard Earned Prizes For Working For Google India For Around 50 Days During The "Indian Mapathon 2013 Event")

I'm the guy who Mapped 70% Of My city "Jamshedpur" (Jharkhand) India for Google India. :)


  1. Can you please help me to find the closing date of Disneyland.

    1. Its Already ENDED.........Sorry For Replying LATE......Coz Just Now Saw Your Comment......!!!!!

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  2. Can u help me i want to put water games for kids in jamshedpur