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Sunday, 22 May 2016

How to Slice Cabbage & Onions Like A PRO

Good Evening Good People, so today is sunday 22nd May 2016, I'm gonna write a blog post related to Cooking tip.
yesterday in the evening time we were making Vegetable Rolls.
While making this dish I thought why not share my secret knife skills with you all :)

How to Slice Cabbage Like A PRO (Youtube Video)

How to Slice Onions Like A PRO (Youtube Video)

 so at the time of cutting the vegetables I've shot few video clips & just now I've uploaded those videos to my youtube channel to help people who wants to know the secret to Slicing/Shredding Cabbage & Onions Like A PROFESSIONAL CHEF.

hope you'll like my video.

by the way that Vegetable-Roll turned out to be very Delicious, one day I'll definitely make a video on that topic too. till then enjoy your Sunday evening, Love & Peace to All.

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