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Friday, 30 December 2016

VALID Post Related to #Demonetization by Mr.Prasenjit Bose, (Economist)

Decided to think without thinking demonetization

Prasenjit Bose, (Economist)

(morning news, 30.12.2016)

In A Democratic Country, there should be a clear objective of economic policies and to achieve this goal, which will be dealt with a transparent way. By the government on November 8th November, 8th November by the government and the central government, the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, reserve bank of India are not like one. 8 November has been said in notification 8 and 1000 thousand notes to stop the old note of fake notes, stop on black money and stopped using it in terrorists activities Has been.
Now the government needs to look at these claims. In The Supreme Court, he said to the government of the Indian S?ai?i?ikala Institute in 2016, the total amounts of fake notes in the country is RS 400 crores. This figure is one of 2014-15 To 2014-15. According to the RBI, the price of Rs 2015 crores was rs 14.28 lakh crores.
According to data, there are 0.028 per cent of fake notes in the total notes. 28 notes in a million note bundle is bogus.  

The decision in such a fake note could not be considered RIGHT to stop it. Fake notes could stop the government and could prevent it from the source of its source. According to the RBI Report on fake note, there was a minor increase in a thousand notes of a thousand rupees in recent years, while 500 rupees in bogus notes.

It does not look like to bring out black money till the demonetization. 

According to the revenue department of revenue and search statistics, 7.5 per cent of 7.5 per cent of the total black money has been seized by 5.6 per cent of 5.6 per cent.

It is obvious that 500 and 1000 rupees note raids are less than the assets of the assets. 

The decision on this basis is not going to be RIGHT on the basis of the demonetization.

In The Rajya Sabha, the central finance minister said in a question of a question of the demonetization and rs 15.44 lakh crores of Rs 15.44 crores.
State Bank of India's chief ikonomis?a believe that the old note of 3 lakh crores is not coming back to the banking system, and it will be said that the government will give it to the government. 

But on 13th December, the RBI has been deposited in 12.44 million rupees in the banks of Rs 12.44 crore and will increase and increase in 30th December. 

It obviously has no effect on the jamakharo? of the government despite the claims of the government's claims.

The Government of the government has made the TAX Amendment Law in the Lok Sabha.

During this financial year, the government gave a SECOND CHANCE to the Public.

There is 50 per cent on the undisclosed income, no one can make their black money valid. 

From the first plan, the government of Rs 30 crores of Rs 30 crores, which is only 3.5 per cent of Rs 8.47 lakh crores. If the government is working on black money tax policy, then what was the demonetization of the demonetization?

8 November is not referring to the CASHLESS transaction in the ongoing notification. After thinking, the government and prime minister has to talk to it. In The Supreme Court, the government said that the contribution of cash is too much.

According to bank of international settlement figures, 20.6 per cent in Japan, in Hong Kong, 15.51 per cent in Hong Kong, while it is only 12 per cent in India. The main reason of cash in India is the main reason of increasing food rate. 

Before Cashless Society is necessary to look at the bank of India's bank.

According to the report of the world bank of 2014 per cent of 53 per cent of the country's 53 per cent of the country.

The most POOR 40 per cent of the 44 per cent of 44 per cent.

86 Per cent of the DAILY WAGE is PAID in CASH.

The Prime Minister is a zero balance in 23 per cent of the 25 crore bank accounts under the prime minister janadhana plan.

35 % of people in the country have access to the internet. 

According to 2011 census figures, there is no ELECTRICITY  in 33 % houses, and 28 % people do not have MOBILE

25 per cent of the country is UNEDUCATED  and it will be given financial education for cashless.

On the demonetization, the government of the government can be estimated that the reserve bank of India has issued 60 NOTIFICATION AFTER NOVEMBER 8.

Changes in many past announcements, some improvements and clarification. The Government should reply to the government to change the end of the demonetization.

It is clearly obvious that the Government has no IDEA at the widespread aspect of the Demonetization.

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