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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Founders Day 2017 By Evewin Lakra

Founders Day 2017 By Evewin Lakra (Youtube Video)

Whats up Good People, Evewin Lakra is Back Again with Full Power :)

The Wait is finally Over, Sorry Guys It Took Me Little Longer to Compose this Video.......I was busy with some of My Other Projects........!!!!

I made this Video Little "S.p.e.c.i.a.l"

When Evewin Lakra Promised something to its People..... He'll Definitely Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy My Latest Video about The Epic Founders Day 2017 Lighting Celebration of Jamshedpur.

For All Those People who are Not familiar about Founders Day 2017 Lighting Celebration: here's a Short Description:

Founders Day Jamshedpur = Jamsetji Tata Birthday

whose birthday is Celebrated on 3rd March as Founder's Day.
In 1919 Lord Chelmsford named the City Jamshedpur,
which was earlier a village
Called Sakchi, to honour of its founder,
Jamsetji Tata,
On Founders Day i.e. 3rd March (Every Year), the 225-acre (0.91 km2) Jubilee Park is decorated with Brilliant lightwork for about a week.
But This Time They Removed the Lights Little bit Early, & My Mom Missed the Opportunity to watch the Live Lighting of the Founder Day 2017 Decoration, but now she's happy that by my video she can enjoy the beauty of Founder Day 2017.

Again back to my Blog Post:
Special Decoration of Founder Day 2017:
We Witnessed the Main Circuit-House Gol-Chakkar (Round About) was Beautifully Decorated with "Ladi's" (Series) of Yellow Lights Covering the Entire Gol-Chakkar (Round About) from Top to Bottom, it was really a Pleasing site to experiance Live, 

Then We decided to move forward & all the trees on both the side of the roads were decorated with Green & Blue Lights Near "Old Tata Works Circuit House Shop" (Which is Now CLOSED) to Sir, Dorabji-Park Jamshedpur
(Actually The Entire Area in which Tata-Steel Operate were Decorated Nicely)
Thumbs-up to Minions (Jusco Workers) Just Kidding :)

I Really appreciate the Hard-Work of all the (Jusco Workers) who put so much effort to keep the City Neat & Clean , You Guys are Real Heros,

Also Thankyou to "Dulevo Sweeper Truck" :)

For Removing PM10 (Particulate Matter 10) Dust from our City,

Many Times Evewin Lakra saw People Throwing Garbage in the River (Specially from Mango Birdge) This is Not Good for our Mother-Nature, Polluting Water Bodies is Bad for the Environment, Hope People will understand keeping the Environment Clean has to be the The Primary Objective of Every Citizen.

Now back to the Topic....... Yes 2017 founders Day Decoration was really nice & wonderful, Thankyou to everyone who was directly or indirectly involved,

A Small Advice To Tata-Steel:

There was a Time When All the People Working in Tata Steel, TMH (Tata Main Hospital, Etc) Used to Get Lots & Lots of High Quality Chocolates During Founders Day...... :)

How Do I Know This ? :)

I Know Many Things About Jamshedpur Past :)

But now a days Everything is Changing..........!!!!!!

Useless Politicians Hanging Ton's & Ton's of Advertisements Hoarding of Themselves Everywhere in the City from Innocent Tax-Payers Money instead of Using that money to Actually Do Something Productive for the Poor Needy People of Our City.

My One Suggestion to Tata-Steel is How about Little-Less Lighting & More Chocolates to Everyone (Specially the Poor People & Kids of Jamshedpur) for the Amount save on Extra Fancy Lighting ?

After all its NOT the Birthday of an Ordinary Man....... Sir. J. N. Tata is Jamshedpur & His Vision & His Thoughts Should be followed in Keeping the City as he Visioned for.

I'm not saying I'm against Lighting, I'm saying Little Less Lighting & More Happy-Faces of Your Citizen will Ultimately Brings Joy To Everyone....!!!!!!

Its already 11:45 P.M. on the Clock, I'm Ending this Post, Hope You've Enjoyed reading it, Don't forget to watch the Video, This is
Evewin Lakra, Peace To Everyone, Good Night & Take Care........!!!!!! :)

Sleep-TIME Zzzzzzz

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