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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Evewin Lakra - Bike Ride - To - National-Highway-33 - 15th May 2017

Evewin Lakra - Bike Ride - To - National-Highway-33 - 15th May 2017 (Youtube Video)

Good Afternoon Good People, Evewin Lakra is Back with another Interesting Bike Ride Video + Blog Post.

Yesterday (15th May 2017) I woke up little Early at around 5:00 A.M. IST

I Thought Lets go for a Morning Bike Ride with Mom to the National Highway-33 because the Current Weather of our City is Extreme HOT (Approx 45 Degree Celsius) , & Riding Bike on The National Highways in the Morning Time always makes Me SMILE :)

So I Told My Mom Get up Fast We're Going for a Long Bike Ride today :)

She Said NO 1st, Then She Said She'll Go,

We Quickly Pack the Things we Needed,
but before that I ate 4 Slices of Bread with Butter + 2 Cups of Morning Tea,
I was Ready with My Riding Gear & Its getting Late, at around 6:45 A.M. We Finally Managed to Leave Our House.
The Road Condition from Mango Route to National Highway-33 (Ranchi Route) is Terrible,

Still the Road is being Fixed & its Really Risky if you Drive/Ride Fast in such Road Condition because You Never Know exactly were the potholes are & the Dumb Car Drivers Over-Takes you with Extreme Speeds without thinking about The In-Coming Trucks & Buses from the Ranchi Route,
We Stopped at A Hotel Known as "Jharkhand Royal Hotel" in the National Highway-33 & we had our Breakfast over there, ate Puri-Sabji (Which was Tasty) for the Price We Paid.

Then We Decided to Come Back home because the Road Condition is NOT Good.
So We Traveled Around 70 K.M. & Yes It was Fun & another Memory about Riding Bike With Mom Created in My Life Journey of Awesome Experiences. Do Watch The Video to Know More :)
This is Evewin Lakra Saying Peace To All & Enjoy......!!!!! :)  

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