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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Evewin Lakra - Vlog Ep-13 - Strongest Lightning of 2017

Evewin Lakra - Vlog Ep-13 - Strongest - Lightening of 2017 (Youtube Video)

Date: 26th  May 2017
Time: 4:40 P.M. IST (Indian Standard Time)
Place: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand India

Good Evening Good People, Today Evewin Lakra is Posting a Video Which I've Shot Yesterday (26th  May 2017) at the Evening Time about 4:40 P.M. IST,

I was Cooking Some NOODLES :) & Suddenly the Weather Changed

Everything was still but suddenly the Weather Changed in a fraction of Seconds & it began to Rain Heavily followed by Tremendous amount of  Thunder Strikes & Lightning we People faced in parts of Jamshedpur Jharkhand India.

Without any Doubt I Can say this was one of the Strongest Lightening Strikes I've Seen in My Life

Watch the Video to Know More.

Always Remember When It Rains Heavily, STAY in YOUR HOME.

& Don't forget to Share this Video with all Your Friends & Family

This is "Evewin Lakra" Saying Peace to All & Enjoy.......!!!! :)

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