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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Evewin Lakra - Wonderful Christian Wedding on Valentine's Day

Evewin Lakra - Wonderful Christian Wedding on Valentine's Day (Youtube Video)

Wedding Date: 
14th Feburary 2017 

(Valentine's Day)


St. George's Church

B-Road, Northern Town

Hey Guys Today "Evewin Lakra" is Uploading One of his Best Video of 2017 :)

The Title of the Video Says:
" Wonderful Christian Wedding on Valentine's Day "


So 1st Lets begin writing few intro. info about this Wonderful Christian Wedding which was hosted on a Special Day (Valentine's Day)

On 14th Feburary 2017 one of our Close Relative Got Married,


Usually We avoid weddings on Special-Days because of Public-RUSH but because this wedding was Superbly Planned by the family members of our relative with the help of, I guess The Professional Event-Planners, the Special Days Public-RUSH thing had 0 (Zero-Effect) on this Wonderfully Organized Wedding Ceremony + Reception Party:

From The Time of The Wedding Church bell to the Time of our Exit after Lunch, everything seems to be Perfect in this wedding

Neither the Bride was Late Nor the Groom :)

I still remember Once I attended a Wedding Ceremony of one of My very Close friend's brother, & in that wedding the Wedding Started approx 1:00 hour LATE to the actual Time Fixed by the Church, & even the Pastor was Angry with such a Long Delay but in this Wedding that was not the Case & everybody was Punctual (The Funny Thing is, Even My Close Relatives Who Usually Comes to any wedding late were Present Right on Time, Amazing) :)

"Evewin Lakra" Likes People who are Punctual :)

Catering was Given to Hotel Sonnet

These are the Things I Ate: :)

Chicken Butter Masala

Chicken LoliPOP

Veg Pulao


Butter Naan

Plain Rotis



Don't Forget to watch this video to know what interesting Stuffs I've Packed in My video,

The Wedding Hymns We Sang:

There  Shall  Be  Showers  Of  Blessing
This  is  the  Promise  of  Love;
There  shall  be  Seasons Refreshing,
Sent  from  the  Savior  Above


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Will Update this Blog Post with Proper Writings about the Wedding + More & More Pics about this Superb Wedding Ceremony Soon, but for now "Evewin Lakra" is feeling Sleepy coz on My Clock it says "12:15 P.M. IST" :)

Time to Sleep

Enjoy The Video :)

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This is "Evewin Lakra" Saying Good Night & Peace To All

Special Thanks to
Jennifer Avalon
Noel Boland


For Allowing Me to Use Their Wonderful Music
Track in This Video

Music Track:"Jennifer Avalon Two Hearts"

From Her Wonderful Music Album "Peace In The Valley

Thankyou :)

Evewin Lakra - Bike Ride - To - National-Highway-33 - 15th May 2017
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