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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fake Contest Conducted By "ZoomIn India"

"ZoomIn India Street Photography Facebook Fake Contest"

Fake Contest Conducted By "ZoomIn India"

Hello Good People All Around The World.
Today I Experienced Another Disappointing Result in Another Photography Contest Of India.

Let Me 1st Inform You About The Same Old Thinking Of People Who Conduct Such Fake Contest.

These People Only Favour The Major Cities Of INDIA.

The Organizers Of These Contests Think Only People Living In Such Cities Have Talent.

So Let Me Tell You About My Recent Encounter With Such Contest.

I Took Part In
"ZoomIn Street Photography Facebook Contest"

(The Moto Of This Contest Was To Show Your Best Street Photo In Front Of The Judging Panel Of ZoomIn)

So Many People Sent Their Valuable Entry And Now When They Declared The Winner I'm Really Disappointed.

This Is Why I'm Not Happy With The Result.

This Is The Winners Entry (Picked By ZoomIN)

And This Was My Entry.

I'm Not Saying My Entry Is The Best
I Really Like Other's Entries As Well.

The Winner "Zoomin India Facebook Team" Selected Comes More Under A "Portrait Photography"

So I Request All The Officials Of "Zoomin India Facebook Page"
Either Don't Conduct Such Fake Contests
If You Conduct Such Type Of Contest Then In Your
"Terms And Condition" Do Mention 2 Things Clearly.

1. You Will "Only" Select Winner Form The Metro Cities Of India.

2.You Have The Right To
Select The Winner Of "Street Photography" Contest Even Though Your Selected Winner Send
"Portrait Photography" Entry.

"ZoomIn Facebook Page Link"

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