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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Top 6 Antique Gadgets

These Are The Few Historical Things That Your Son Or Your Daughter Must Know.


These Are Plain Goggles (Without Any Built-in Features)
Eg. No 3D,No-Mp3 Player,etc :)

Remote Control.
These Are Called Remote Control That Usually Works In IR Signals.
(These Were Widely Used In TV,Audio Systems Etc Before Any Apps Were Developed To Control Your Gadgets With Your SmartPhones) :)

AA Size Single Time Use Battries. (1.5V)
These Battries Were Used In Almost Every Electronic Gadgets.
From Toys To House Clock These Were The Battries That Gave Life To Those Gadgets.

Audio Cassette
Cassettes Were Used As A Medium To Record And Distribute Music.
The Biggest Downfall Of This Medium Was (Re-wind And Forward) :)

Camera Roll
Now This One Is Very Interesting.
These Were Used To Capture Beautiful Memories But The Only Downfall Of This Medium Was That You Have To Develop Your Prints In Studios To See What You Have Clicked :)

These Were Used To Lock What Ever You Like (Eg. Your House,Your Bike,Etc)
Replaced By Hi-Class Authentication Systems
(Such As Retina scanner Fingerprint Reader, Palm Scanner,Card reader,Etc)

Info Credits: "Evewin Christon Lakra"
Images Shot By: "Evewin Christon Lakra"
Video Composed By: "Evewin Christon Lakra"
TechAura89 Is The Original Creation By ""Evewin Christon Lakra"


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