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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Turbo Charge Your Firefox

Watch Online Videos Smoothly On Slow Net Connection

This Trick Is Helpful For Slow Net Connection Users.


Step 1
Open Firefox
(in the url address bar, type “aboutconfig” ) without quotes.

Step 2
Ignore the warning sign.
(Click “I’ll be good, I promise” button and continue)

Step 3
On the Filter bar type “browser.sessionstore.interval”

Step 4
You should now see “browser.sessionstore.interval” entry

Step 5
3. Double-click the value and change it from “15000" to “120000"

Step 6
Close the firefox browser and open it again.

Check Youtube videos and other sites video for playback.

(If you don't experience any performance gain then change the value back to 15000)

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