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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Clean India, Green India, Throw Garbage on Indian River

Clean India Green India Throw Garbage on Indian River
(Youtube Video)

3rd Aug 2016

So Today Evewin Lakra will Show you How We Indians Treat Our Rivers.

On (3rd Aug 2016)
I went to Domohani-River

to check the Water-Level
during the Monsoon Season.

Domohani-River is actually the
"Meeting Point" of 2 Rivers
in Jamshepdur:

1.Kharkai River
2.Subarnarekha" River

I was just capturing the Beautiful Scene
& to my Surprise I found A Man
(HOLDING a Plastic Bag Full of Garbage)
Slowly going towards the River.

At 1st I thought its not a Garbage bag,
it may be his personal items which
he's is taking from this side of the River
to the other side of the River.

But I was WRONG, the Bag was full of Garbage
& that Man Threw the Garbage into the river
& just hurried to his Auto-Rickshaw (TEMPO)
& went Away.

 You people may be thinking Why "Evewin Lakra"
didn't asked question to that man,
why he Threw Garbage Waste on RIVER ?

There Was a Time When "Evewin Lakra"
used to think He can Teach Common-Sense to Indian People but then Somebody broke my Dream & I Realized I was Sleeping.

So Hope You guys Like the Efforts
of that Man Who Brought the Garbage
on an Auto-Rickshaw & went down the River
just to Throw it in the RIVER.

Hope You guys Like this Video.

Peace to all.

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