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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Lays Classic Salted BlueTooth Speaker Review

Lays Classic Salted BlueTooth Speaker Review (Youtube Video)

Whats Up Good People,
Today Evewin Lakra will give you a brief Review about
"Lays Classic Salted BlueTooth Speaker"

This "Lays Classic Salted BlueTooth Speaker"  is the Official Merchandise from "Lays India"

Look & Feel:
The Look of this "BlueTooth Speaker" resembles like "Lays Classic Salted CHIPS" Packet.

The Front Grill has GFX Design which Looks Great.

This "BlueTooth Speaker" is made with "Rubberized-Panel" at the bottom to have Firm-Grip of the surface.

My 225th Ad-Unit: Weight:
Its quite heavy, Weights around 400+ Grams due to the introduction of STEEL-Grill in the front & "Rubberized-Panels"

Audio Quality:
The Audio Quality of "Lays Classic Salted BlueTooth Speaker" is Decent
but at HIGH-Volume you can Hear the Distortion (Speaker Cracking Sound) which SPOILS the Deal.

How to Avoid Audio-Distortion in "Lays Classic Salted BlueTooth Speaker" ?

To Avoid Audio-Distortion in High-Volume, You've to OPEN The Front Panel & Top Panel which give Space to the Small-Small Two-Spakers which is located inside this Rectangular BOX.
& Then only the Audio-Distortion in High-Volume will be eliminated.

Back Pannel Specification:
1.Charging Port (5.0V)
2.AUX Port
3.Power Button

Evewin Lakra Final Verdict:

Its a Decent built Speaker but because of its "Design" the Audio Quality is not that Great.

There is another Flaw in this Speaker.
When the RADIO is Activated, Its Really Difficult the "SET" The Audio Level because when You Press the (+ -) (Buttons) the Radio-Station will CHANGE & You won't be able to Adjust the VOLUME of This
"Lays Classic Salted BlueTooth Speaker" when Radio is ACTIVATED.
In future I'm gonna HACK this "Lays Classic Salted BlueTooth Speaker" to add my own Speakers to this Rectangular BOX, to find out if it Increases the Audio Quality of this Speaker of not.

Stay Tuned to find out.

Wanna Find Out The Comparison between:

Lays Classic Salted BlueTooth-Speaker
Logitech X100.

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Hope You guys Like this Video.

Peace to all.

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